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Domestic Violence Advocacy Service

Cause Description

Domestic Violence Advocacy Service, Sligo, Leitrim and West Cavan [DVAS] provide a specialist response to women experiencing domestic violence. By supporting women to find a way out of violence and abuse, we are also helping children whose lives are severely affected by on-going exposure to domestic violence. DVAS provide a helpline service, one to one support, an outreach service to rurally isolated women, court accompaniment and crisis accommodation.


Every day in Sligo, Leitrim and West Cavan, women and children experience their homes not as places of security and peace, but as places of intimidation, fear and abuse. A recent EU study showed that 1 in 4 women in Ireland experience some form of domestic abuse but that only 1 in 5 women at risk ever come forward for help. DVAS was established not only to provide a specialist response to those women who do come forward for help, but also to reach out to those women who are too scared, ashamed and isolated to break the silence about the abuse and violence they experience.

Telling someone about domestic violence and leaving an abusive partner is the most dangerous time for a woman. That is why a specialist domestic violence services such as DVAS must be ready to respond promptly and safely to a woman�s request for support. Maintaining this prompt and specialist response can be challenging in the context of successive cuts to our funding from the state and the growing demand for our services. This is where you come in: you too can support women and children at risk by investing in their safe futures through donating to DVAS.

While DVAS receive some funding from the State to run our services, this accounts for only??% of our annual budget and we need to raise �20,000 annually to ensure that we can continue to deliver high quality, accessible and safe services to women at risk. We invite you to invest in women and children�s safety and well- being by making a donation on the DVAS idonate page.  Our commitment to you is that all money raised will go directly towards supporting women and children at risk from violence and abuse in the home.

Where Your Money Goes

Money raised through donations enables DVAS to provide support to women experiencing domestic violence by:

-Providing emergency support to women who have been forced to leave their home with no money or income, no clothes, food or other essentials and nowhere to live. By providing access to crisis accommodation and passing vouchers and money on to women in this situation, DVAS are able to support them to continue on their journey to safety and to prevent a return to a violent and abusive partner

-Providing emergency funds for food and transport and other essentials to women who have no recourse to public funds. DVAS also provides subsidies to women with no income when they need to access solicitors, court and other essential appointments.

-Providing Helpline support to women at risk. By training and supporting Helpline volunteers, DVAS can ensure that the helpline service is provided for five full days a week.

-Developing and establishing support groups for women survivors of domestic violence.

-Running mass media, digital marketing and targeted awareness campaigns in Sligo, Leitrim and West Cavan to reach out to those women who are too scared, ashamed or isolated to break the silence about the violence and abuse they are experiencing.

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Revenue (Charities Unit) (CHY): 15625

Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) : 20054366

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