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Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association

Motor Neurone Disease was described by the Sports Broadcaster Colm Murray as the 'PITS' - Progressive, Incurable & Terminal. The Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association is the only organisation of its kind in Ireland providing vital care and support to families living with this condition. MND affects everybody differently but usually the disease will result in a loss of independence. Every day things we take for granted like walking, talking and eating may become virtually impossible The journey with MND is a series of losses. The IMNDA aims to alleviate frustration, fear and anxiety that is often felt by the whole family. Imagine been told you only had 3 years to live? Imagine dealing with this condition and not been able to access vital services immediately? Waiting is not an option for someone with MND. The IMNDA is here to help. We consistently support approximately 350 people with Motor Neurone Disease at any one time across Ireland. Everybody�s needs vary but we are here regardless of when and how we are needed. Our services are immediate and free of charge and include the provision of equipment, home visits by an MND Nurse, financial assistance towards home care and counselling. Your donations to the IMNDA matter more than you realise, without fundraising and donations we simply would not be here. Over 80% of our income comes from people like you. Your contribution is ABSOLUTELY VITAL to families affected by MND. Please continue to help us help them. Thank you

The Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association is the only support organisation in Ireland for people with MND; their families, friends and carers. Motor Neurone Disease (also called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis � ALS) is a neurological condition that does not discriminate, striking people of all ages. There is currently no treatment or cure. The damage caused by MND is progressive so it gets worse over time. On average one person dies every four days from MND in Ireland and the majority of people die within 1,000 days of being diagnosed.

The IMNDA cannot slow the progression of MND or change the outcome but we can alleviate the feelings of isolation and improve quality of life. We strive to ensure that each individual receives the care and support they require enabling them to live as active independent citizens in their own homes for as long as possible. Our services include home visits by our three MND Nurses, financial assistance towards home care, provision of specialised medical equipment, funding counselling  and funding towards MND Research.

The very first meeting of the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association was held on the 1st May 1985. Over 60 people who were affected by MND at the time attended and each person had a strong belief that there was need for a support organisation. The primary goal of the association in 1985 was to break the isolation experienced by MND people, their carers and families. With this goal in mind and a strong determined group the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association was formed and has grown in strength over the years continuing to provide care and support for people affected by this condition.

The majority of funds raised from our generous donors and supporters go towards providing services to people with Motor Neurone Disease.  These services include the provision of specialised equipment such as wheelchairs, beds as well as communication aids (many people with MND will lose their speech at some point). The IMNDA also provides financial assistance towards home care. Three MND nurses undertake home visits to our clients across the country. We do not receive any statutory funding for our nursing posts, they are funded entirely through fundraising and donations.

The IMNDA accounts are audited in March each year, accounts for 2016 are available to download from our website


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