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Cradle is an Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) working with children and community development projects in crisis torn regions.


Cradle is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) working with children and community development projects in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, Nepal, Thailand and Moldova. Formed in November 1992 by a group of people who held fundraising events to generate aid for children in Bosnia & Herzegovina and their families. The response from the people and businesses was overwhelming. This ongoing support has enabled us to supply aid to children in the Balkans from 1993 to date. In 1999, with the outbreak of the Kosovo crisis we expanded our work to include Kosovo and Albania. Our aim is to be a conduit of material, financial and other aid to children on what we, in consultation with our representatives in the region, identify as their main needs.

In response to the tsunami disaster which happened in December 2004, we decided to work outside of the Balkans and to bring our well established projects to the areas affected most in Thailand. Cradle has established an office in Takuapa, in the Phang-Nga province where we have local representatives working to implement Cradles emergency aid programmes. Our focus is on child based support programmes such as school rebuilding projects, house rebuilding projects and student support projects. We have also established our Children support programmes which provides assistance to children on a regular basis. Although short term aid is badly needed, it is also vital that these people are supported on a long-term basis so that that they can overcome the mental, physical and economic challenge they are now faced with.

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