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Our New Ears (ONE) is an entirely voluntary group and, in 2014, became part of Chime (formerly Deafhear) which is a charitable not-for-profit organisation, governed by a voluntary Board of Directors. 

Run by parents of deaf and hard of hearing (HoH) children, the name originates in the use of technology to provide a new listening experience to our children, whether it be hearing aids. bone anchored hearing aids or cochlear implants, We have extended organically to include all deaf/ HoH children in Ireland, Everyone is welcome. Everyone has the right to reach their full potential!

As parents of deaf/ HoH children we believe we are perfectly positioned to learn from and support each other. Together we advocate for our children through committees, education, representation and our own community forum.

As we are 100% voluntary, we depend totally on fundraising. Every cent received goes directly towards supporting the children. Please support us because we have so much more we can do and we don't want to stop our work until Ireland gives gold standard care for deaf/ HoH children.

Thank You!

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