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Tuam Cancer Care is a voluntary organisation that offers psychological, emotional and practical support to people with a cancer diagnosis and their families.

It is hoped that the support provided will help the person with a cancer diagnosis to regain control of their lives and enhance their personal coping skills, during a difficult period of their lives. As cancer is very much a family affair, family members are also supported at this difficult time.

Tuam Cancer Care came into being in 1985 to provide support to the people of Tuam and the surrounding area who have a cancer diagnosis. It is a Voluntary Organisation that runs a drop in Centre in the town, and offers psychological, emotional and practical support to the people with a cancer diagnosis and to their families.

All therapies, counselling, workshops and information are free of charge.

As a charity, we need to raise 90% of the costs of providing our support services each year e.g. it costs €180 to provide a programme of Complementary Therapies, €480 to provide a programme of counselling and €2600 to run the Physical Activity Programmes per term.

Your donation truly makes a difference in the lives of the people that we support.

“As a young lady, I often felt that I am the only one who is going through chemotherapy at such a young age. Tuam Cancer Care showed me that this is not true, my partner and I are not completely alone on this tough journey. They provided services such as reflexology, reiki and yoga classes to take care of my tormented body and they also provided counselling to help me through my mental struggles. Moreover their brilliant volunteers were always there to give me comfort and a cuppa when I felt down. Thank you so much, you really helped me to survive.”



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Tuam Cancer Care Centre, Cricket Court, Dunmore Road, Tuam, Galway, IRELAND - H54 A318

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Revenue (Charities Unit) (CHY): 13826

Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) : 20044046

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