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Chifundo Foundation

Founded in 2007, Chifundo is dedicated to the education of some of the most underprivileged children in the villages of Zomba, Malawi. Chifundo is now committed to the continuous education of these children to secondary and vocational levels and beyond.

The Chifundo Foundation aims to identify the underprivileged children of Malawi and improve their outlook by providing primary school as well as offering the physical, educational and social help that they need to succeed. With your help, we hope not only to offer education to these children but also a nursery introduction to primary education, nutritional and social monitoring, transport where required, books, uniforms and shoes; all the elements necessary to give the children the best chance of success.

A small team of dedicated local individuals, all with academic and community responsibilities have joined us by forming a Chifundo Trust in Malawi. Their tasks will include identification of the most suitable and most needy children for selection; coordination of the project between the students, parents, schools and teachers; and management and allocation of the resources of the foundation.

A little funding goes a long way in Malawi. In this academic year, Chifundo enrolled a further ten students into private primary education and is offering the support required for them to succeed. With your help, that number can increase. Click here to make a donation or a standing order. Your help can truly make a difference.

We began our journey with 5 students entering primary schools in 2007.

Each year the Chifundo Trust (a group of locals with academic and community responsibilities) in Malawi select 5 of the most deprived children from the poorest villages in Zomba to join our programme. These individuals also manage the allocation of the resources provided by your donations.

Now, with your unwavering support, we assist 55 boys and girls through primary and secondary school in one of the poorest places on earth.

In July 2016 we held our very first Summer School. 50 children bounded into our purpose built classrooms to receive an education they could only have dreamt of previously. Qualified teachers, from Ireland and England, delivered a hands-on programme through English as the children’s confidence and ability shone over the two week period.

By 2020 Chifundo will support 50 children in primary, 15 in secondary and 10 in third level education or in the workplace. We will also provide assistance to children who do not achieve the grades required for secondary school or college by providing skills training.

Funding the education of children
Providing educational, arts and craft, musical and sporting resources
Providing for nutritional needs


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