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Human Appeal Ireland

Human Appeal International-Ireland is a non-profit charity working across the globe against poverty, social injustice and natural disaster. We do this through the provision of immediate relief and the establishment of self-sustaining development programmes.

We have a presence in 24 countries across 3 continents: Asia, Africa and Europe. By establishing firm and loyal grass-root relationships with local, national and international partners, were able to access some of the worlds most inaccessible terrains at the most vulnerable of times. This means that we can help those people that most other organisations are unable to reach.

We believe that establishing stable health care, education and income-generation programmes paves the way for empowered, self-serving communities. We also recognise that food, medical aid and emergency shelter in times of humanitarian crises are essential for saving lives.

We are committed to:

Helping all victims of poverty, social injustice and natural disaster irrespective of race and/or religion;

Establishing long-lasting development programmes as well as providing immediate relief;

Facilitating secure provisions for orphans;

Preserving basic human rights;

Maintaining a global reach;

Employing highly skilled and experienced staff members;

Establishing ourselves as an Irish charity with local and global projects; and

Ensuring full transparency and accountability.

Our work can be divided into the following areas:

Emergency Relief

Syria We are contributing towards a 1000-tonne flour convoy being sent to Syria every month till the end of 2013, in collaboration with IHH, a leading Turkish NGO. We are also fundraising for the 1 million+ Syrian refugees, more than half of whom are children, many of them orphans.

Mali We are focused on providing essential water, food and medicine to the 2 million+ people affected by drought and war.

Myanmar Our work with the persecuted Rohingya minority focuses on water, sanitation and hygiene projects, temporary shelters and food.


Gaza Due to overuse, contamination and rising salt levels from seawater, the underground water system is close to collapsing. 5 years of Israeli blockades have meant that water and sanitation facilities cannot be maintained, fixed or upgraded. HAI has set up and runs one water purification unit, but is aiming to open five more, which will provide clean water to all the 380 schools in Gaza.


We sponsor schools and students in many different countries including Pakistan,  Macedonia and Yemen.


Working all over the world, HAII brings medicine and medical care to those who need it most. For example, due to the blockade against Gaza, the Gazans rely on us to help renovate hospitals and bring medical supplies and doctors. HAII also works in Syria, helping the many injured children, inside the refugee camps and also within Syria itself. In May we sent our third container of Medical supplies to Syria as a result of your generous donations, but now we must ask again for your continued support as the situation continues to spiral downhill.

Orphans: As part of our many projects, HAII works to protect the most innocent and helpless in society- the children. We have the largest one-to-one sponsorship datebase in the world. Your monthly donation provides food, clothing and education.

Income Generation: By investing in business start-up grants, vocational training and the rehabilitation of agricultural land, we empower individuals to earn their way out of poverty. With a family of six and no stable income, Abdul Razzak (Bangladesh) was struggling. His children and elderly parents often went without food for days. HAI gave him 200 chickens and constructed a brick pen. He now farms the chickens for meat and eggs and has a steady income.

From planting an olive tree to giving the gift of a milking cow, we have many projects rooted in the belief that if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.


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1 Frankfort Centre , Dundrum, Dublin 14, Dublin, IRELAND

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Revenue (Charities Unit) (CHY): 18505

Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) : 20071080

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