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Irish Network Against Racism (INAR)


As the national collective voice for building solidarity among groups challenging racism, INAR will fight all forms of racism by providing analysis and tools to empower those who experience racism to take action

Organisational values and guiding principles

INAR’s work and organisational efforts are informed by core values and practice principles:

  • Autonomy: choice, agency, freedom, self-determination and the absence of coercion
  • Democracy: participation, voice, empowerment and accountability from those in positions of authority
  • Dignity: respect, relationships of care and love, human worth and the absence of inhumane and degrading treatment, harassment and discrimination
  • Inclusion: a sense of belonging and community, interdependence, collective responsibility and a valuing of diversity
  • Social justice: redistribution of wealth, income, jobs and social goods and the absence of privilege and entitlement


INAR (the Irish Network Against Racism) is a national network of nearly 130 anti-racism civil society organisations which aims to work collectively to highlight and address the issue of racism in Ireland. Our strength is in our Members, a growing, national Network of diverse Civil Society Organisations committed to combating racism and all related forms of discrimination in every sphere of life in Ireland. We are dedicated to finding common strategies and policy positions for combating racism, finding ways of complementing each other’s work, and to offering cross-community and cross-sectoral support and solidarity.

where your money goes

By supporting the work of INAR you are helping us to foreground the voices of those directly affected by racism and to develop much-needed resources, collaborative tools, including Racist Incident Reporting System, and actions to fight racism and discrimination in Ireland. INAR, as the national voice identifying, reporting and fighting racism, is needed more than ever to challenge hatred and build a more inclusive society.


If you are thinking of donating to INAR in the hope that this might help get you lighter sentence because you have been charged in relation to a racist incident, don't.


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28 North Great George's St., Dublin 1, Dublin, Dublin, IRELAND - D01HY46

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