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Huntington's Disease Association of Ireland (HDAI)

Huntington’s Disease (HD) is a life-limiting brain condition that affects a person’s physical abilities, emotions and thinking skills. Each child of a parent with the HD gene has a 50% chance of developing the condition. HD symptoms can vary significantly even between individuals in the same family. Over the course of the illness, from 15 to 25 years on average, people with HD will lose the ability to walk, talk, eat and manage their self-care and can also suffer from emotional and mental health changes.
Symptoms usually presents between the age of 30 – 50 years when individuals may be raising families and midway through their working lives. Juvenile onset HD may occur in 5% - 10% of those affected, with onset before 20 years of age. A HD diagnosis is very distressing for the entire family: the person diagnosed; their spouse/ partner; siblings and children at risk.


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