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Gifting education by building schools for impoverished children in India.

The story of Educo dates back to 2006 when a number of ambitious businessman met to form Educo. Their ambition was to build schools for impoverished children in India, in a transparent and cost effective way, where 100% of funds raised being put towards their projects. 12 years on, Educo has built 9 schools throughout India, with a daily roll call of 3,102 children.

Between 2019 - 2026, Educo’s ambition is to increase it’s daily roll call to 10,000 children. To achieve this, 12 new schools will need to be built at a cost of €3,000,000.

Between 2019-2026, Educo plans to build 12 schools (adding to its existing 9 schools) in an extremely rural and poor part of West Bengal, India. Here, 85% of the children population do not attend schooling. The State schools in these areas are neglected and have the following issues that deter parents from sending their children to school:

  • High Teacher Absenteeism

  • High student to teacher ratio (1 teacher: 60 + students)

  • High exam failure rate with negligible teaching of English

  • Low levels of female education, with girls seen as second class citizens

This lack of education results in children starting work at as young of 12 years of age, working 12 hour days on the local tea plantations for as little as €3 per day.

Our schools will give these children a platform to be educated and an opportunity to break free from this poverty cycle. Once the kids graduate from school, they will be able to gain employment in the local towns that offer higher paid and less labour intensive roles. To summarise, without a school to be educated in, the poverty cycle would simply continue.

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