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Blackwater Search and Recovery Unit

The unit consists dedicated divers, experienced support teams and high-quality, well maintained equipment. All our members are volunteers who pay for their own personal gear, medical expenses and even training. Often when called upon we must organise time off from work to carry out our vital work. While we operate most regularly in the Cork and Munster areas the unit is often asked to search nationwide. Among other national callouts Blackwater SAR took part in the operation off Blacksod in Mayo following the crash of an Irish Coast Guard Rescue helicopter and the tragic death of all four on board.

The experience, training and knowledge accumulated through the years have ensured that the unit continue to operate at a sustainable level. We provide a unique service in which our volunteers operate and collaborate with other voluntary and primary response agencies. Our goal is to maintain the standards we have set and continue providing the best possible service to local communities.



Blackwater Search and Rescue has been involved in Search and Rescue (SAR) operations in local communities and nationwide since 1981. The work of the unit varies from providing rescue cover for water-based events, to the grimmer task of recovery of missing persons from local waterways.  Over that period we have paticipated in over 200 search and recovery operations across Ireland often working in the most difficult of conditions - both on and offshore. 

Blackwater Search and Rescue (SAR) is a completely voluntary body and every cent it can get in funding is very warmly received and will put towards our voluntary efforts.


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