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We are a movement for wellbeing created to transform how we talk about and treat mental health.

We believe in the power of creating and sharing information that can help us all navigate this sometimes difficult but often wonderful world. We know that in order to live well we need to look at life holistically, at all aspects of what it means to be human. That means looking at and connecting mental health, physical health, soul, and society – the bigger picture.

Our Vision is world where the wellbeing of humanity is the headliner on the main stage, and everything else is a support act.

Our Mission and enduring purpose is to:

  • Support, inspire and empower people to take care of their own minds
  • Change societal norms around mental health, humanising the conversation
  • Change societal infrastructure, so that we always catch people when they fall

Imagine a society where we all

  • Talk openly about our mental health without fear or stigma
  •  Understand how to proactively take care of our own minds
  •  Enjoy greater mental fitness
  •  Have a supportive, available and humane mental health system that will always catch us and those we love when we fall.

Bringing a fresh perspective to mental wellness, we have created a groundswell of voice and action on mental health in Ireland, reaching hundreds of thousands of people.  We are committed to taking a new approach to public debate and advocacy - striving to work collaboratively and in partnership across the mental health community, maintaining regular constructive and solution based dialogue.  


A Lust for Life has been in operation for over 3 years, launching in October 2015. Our roots stem from ‘My 1000 Hours ’ a social enterprise that stemmed from a unique blog capturing the personal mental health journey of Our Co-Founder Niall ‘Bressie’ Breslin. We quickly learned that people were moved by Niall’s own story – but more importantly, wanted a space to tell their own, and to read the story of others. And A Lust for Life was born.

 Since our launch we have reached 3 million people online, welcomed over 40,000 people all throughout Ireland to our national events, built solid foundations with key groups, people, organisations and stakeholders to create systemic change/policy change, built key partnerships with national media agencies to weave stories into the public narrative creating greater awareness and stigma reduction.

 We’ve has an amazing 12 months at A Lust for Life, and in this time we have produced a strategy for the coming years which will focus on advocacy for systems change, and working with young people. In late 2018, we produced a six-part podcast series on the mental health system in Ireland called Where There’s A Will, where we spoke to Irish mental health experts in policy and practice, as well as people with experience of the mental health system, about how our system is failing people. We’re now using what we learned from this research and reporting to create an advocacy programme to lobby for change at a systematic level.

 We have also been delighted to be awarded a Social Innovation Fund Ireland Award 2018, a Creative Ireland Award 2018, and we were winners of the Google Impact Challenge, as well as being selected as the Judge’s Choice to double our funds under the challenge. With this funding, we’re building a new, innovative platform to share creative mental health content; created by children, for children; for every school in Ireland. The platform will look and feel like a Netflix model, using language and media they already engage with; and will be underpinned by best psychological and pedagogical practices and expertise.

 Though this project, we envisage a world where all children have better tools and capacity to talk about their feelings; feel better equipped to navigate the evolving world around them; where teachers are confident in handling issues relating to children’s mental health and wellbeing; and where there are increased levels of kindness, acceptance, empathy and non-judgement for children in schools - creating ‘sound’ environments where children trust they will be supported and feel safe to talk.

100% of funds are reinvested directly back into A Lust for Life operations, with the aim of creating deep and long lasting social change.  By the end of 2020 we aim to have 20,000+ Irish Children engaged, inspired and empowered by our Sound Schools Toolkit - content for them and by them to help them take better care of their own minds.  20,000 employees working with their colleagues to create sounder workplaces across Ireland.  We aim to host a major national event to mark an emerging paradigm shift on how we hold our policy and decision makers to account - to deliver on a humane and responsive mental health system for our country.  We aim to create a new form of public debate and advocacy that crafts potential solutions rather than jumps on obvious problems.  Together we will triple the number of people we reach and engage with our diverse online content and tools.  We want to triple the number of people sharing personal stories breaking the stigma and the silence on mental health.  This means that  funds currently raised are used to continue to pay for the ongoing development and running of our website, to cultivate impactful content and campaigns so that it may help  and support others, and to assist in our advocacy work so that A Lust for Life and our community continue to create real change in peoples lives.  

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