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Our Mission

"To Support & Educate Young People on the importance of looking after their Mental Health. Aiming to prevent suicide by creating in them a sense of Hope, Strength and Confidence"

Our Services
  • Low-cost counselling service for children and young people with concerns such as bullying, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, bereavement, anxiety, depression, self-harm, identity, trauma.
  • FREE workshop named "Be kind to your Mind" to provide young people with the tools and abilities to master tough situations with confidence for now and in their future. The Workshop is broken up in into 4 key modules: Anti-Bullying, Confidence Building, Mindfulness and Gratitude.
  • On Completion of the 'Be Kind to Your Mind' Workshop, each individual recieves a customised package known as the 'Gift of Hope'. This contains an assortment of items as well as advice to help you on your journey to a positive mental attitude!
  • Parent support group with trained counsellors who will providing information and advice on how to better support their child who is suffering.
  • Bereaved by suicide, support group for adults.

Our Vision

"To build and encourage positive, strong, confident young people with life coping skills. Longing to make life better for future generations."

Shannon’s Hopeline was set up in memory of my daughter who died by Suicide on the 24th of January 2012. Shannon was 13 years old. Shannon’s suicide was a complete shock to us as a family and the whole community. Shannon never mentioned suicide and signs of suicidal ideation went unnoticed.

Shannon was a caring, sensitive young girl and a very funny character. She had a great love for children, art, comedy and music. Shannon talked about her future of becoming an actress.

Shannon did suffer from bullying, not physically but mentally. She was a victim of name calling, whispering and feeling left out. Shannon wondered why people could be so cruel to one another and she took name calling straight to her heart as most people do. As far as I am aware the bullying had stopped with Shannon in her last 6 months of life but that doesn’t mean it stopped in her mind. I am still unaware of the real cause of Shannon’s suicide.

Several months after Shannon’s suicide with a mind full of unanswered questions, I began to research. In my research I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

In 2012 the suicide rate among teenage girls was higher in Ireland than any EU state, while the rate among young Irish males was the 2nd highest as reported by the Irish Examiner.


As I carried on my research I noted the lack of services and lengthy waiting lists (3 months, 6 months and in some cases a year.) Through my own personal experience I observed how big stigma was, how no one liked to talk about the dreaded word suicide. People feared being mocked, judged and even feared being put into institutions. I wondered why so many young people were hurting and felt that suicide was their only way out. I knew in my heart something had to be done to help the young people. I also wanted to turn Shannon's memory into something more positive and not be one of just pain. 

- Sandra Kelleher

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