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Children's Group Link

Mary Halligan founder of one of Ireland's most prominent independent children's charities in 1979 - Children's Group Link - together with  some friends will be undertaking a 275km cycle through the centre of Ireland beginning at Military Road in Waterford City and finishing at Knock Shrine in Co. Mayo over a 3 day period in September . The cycle is to coincide with Mary's 40 years involvement with Children's Group Link and is symbolic of the long journey undertaken by Mary and many others to help children and young people who are marginalised, disadvantaged or unattached. Mary is hoping that friends, companies and the general public will make a donation to support the work of Children's Group Link. The Board of Children's Group Link has agreed to make equal contributions from the overall fund to a National Children's Cause - Crumlin Childrens Hospital and also an International cause - The Children of Gazza. In this way a local, national and international good cause will be supported.


Children’s Group Link was established in 1979 and moved to its current premises at Oak Villa, Military Road, Waterford in 1991.

Children’s Group Link has recognised charitable status and is a Company Limited by guarantee.

Charities Registration No: 20223782, CHY No: 9496, Company Registration No: 2535894

Children’s Group Link operates to the highest standards of governance & regulation and is fully compliant with the  Charities Act 2009 and the requirements of the Charities Regulatory Authority.

Children’s Group Link is accountable in its dealings with the public and funders and has adopted the Governance Code being the voluntary Code of Good Practice for the Community, Voluntary and Charity sector. 

Children’s Group Link addresses social disadvantage for children, teenagers, at-risk youth (and their families) in Waterford City through the provision of recreational, educational, artistic, sporting, personal development, counselling services, programmes and facilities. Our primary target groups are children and young people:

With learning difficulties and with behavioral problems.

Deemed to be marginalised unattached “at risk” youth.

At risk of or vulnerable to neglect, abuse, isolation or bullying.

With disabilities or experiencing medical difficulties including substance or alcohol abuse.

From high unemployment areas and suffering from social and economic disadvantage.

With associated family difficulties including alcoholic, abusive or negligent parents, guardians or carers.

From the travelling community.

All programmes are age-appropriate and conducted in a safe, positive and encouraging atmosphere.

Programmes are planned, administered and supervised by appropriately trained staff and volunteers.

Children’s Group Link now serves over 100 young people every week.

Children’s Group Link is recognised as one of the leading Special Youth Projects (SPY) in Ireland by Pobal and the Dept. of Children & Youth Affairs.

 In Waterford, Children’s Group Link has received numerous awards and accolades and is noted for the continuous engagement of its members in community-based and community-serving initiatives.

Children’s Group Link has evolved from a programmes & activities based organisation to an organisation that also provides job-seeking skills & career supports for its members.

Children’s Group Link has now entered a new phase of development through the provision of quality social enterprise projects that provide hands-on training, mentoring and employment opportunities for its members.

Group Link provides a subsidised transport service for the youth, community and not-for-profit sector.

Children’s Group Link has an annual operating budget of approx. €360K.

Just over 50% of annual income is received from government sources with the remainder sourced through fundraising initiatives, corporate sponsorship and income derived from the hire & use of its onsite facilities.

Children’s Group Link adopts a prudent approach to the maintenance of reserves with a Reserves Statement & Policy approved annually by the board and in line with government-funded grant criteria.

Children’s Group Link has demonstrated its ability to manage its systems and finances and has the appropriate board-approved policies & procedures and reporting mechanisms in place.

Contact Details

Oak Villa, Military Road, Waterford, Waterford, IRELAND

Cause Registration

Revenue (Charities Unit) (CHY): 9496

Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) : 20023782

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