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MOVE - Medical Overseas Voluntary Elective

M.O.V.E's aim is to raise money for underfunded, understaffed and underprivileged hospitals in developing countries.
The money raised is used to buy much needed medical supplies, equipment and medications.

The charity is run by third-year medical students in Trinity College Dublin.

During the summer of third-year, Trinity College Dublin medical students have to undertake an elective in a hospital to improve their skills and learn. Many students elect to go to hospitals in developing countries such as Zimbabwe or Tanzania.

Here they discovered that the majority of the hospitals in these developing countries were in need of basic medical equipment, supplies and medication. Some hospitals even required patients to bring they're own needles and bandages. The students were blown away by the staff at these hospitals and the lengths they went to provide their patients with the best care they could despite everything against them. The TCD students wanted to do something for these hospitals in thanks for allowing them to study with them over the summer.

Thus in 2010, a group of third-year Trinity medical students set up the charity Medical Overseas Voluntary Elective (M.O.V.E) to raise funds to buy basic supplies, equipment and medications for the hospitals that so graciously allowed them to undertake their summer elective with them.

Your donation will be used to buy medical equipment, supplies and medication for underfunded, understaffed and underprivileged hospitals across the developing world.

In the past donations were used to buy:

  • Important medical supplies such as resuscitation masks, cannulas, gloves and gauze for St. Francis Hospital, Tanzania
  • Medications for patients unable to afford them in Hospital Santa Barbra, Bolivia
  • Cardiac Heart monitor and trolley for Livingstone General Hospital, Zambia
  • Needed supplies for the Paediatrics Cardiac and Neurological Unit in Nhi Dong 2, Vietnam 
  • Wheelchairs for Hospital Claudio Vicuña, Chile
  • Public Health Concern Trust in Kathmandu Model Hospital, Nepal
  • Cardiac Heart Surgery Unit in Christian Medical College and Hospital, India
  • And many many more!
If you want to learn more about where your donation goes and the help it provides, please don't hesitate to contact us.

100% of all money raised is donated to underfunded, understaffed and underprivileged hospitals in developing countries. 


Contact Details

TCD 152 - 160 Pearse St, Central Societies Committee, First Floor, House 6, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Dublin, IRELAND

Cause Registration

Revenue (Charities Unit) (CHY): 8245

Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) : 20019969

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