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Fionn Brogan Trust

Fionn had been diagnosed with Duchennes Muscular Dystrophy in April 2019. DMD is an inherited genetic condition leading to an increasing level of disability through Fionn’s life.
Signs and symptoms of DMD usually show around age 3-5 years with muscle weakness affecting the child’s walking, climbing steps, balancing and other activities.
It is a progressive condition, which in simple terms means it gets worse and worse over time. DMD begins by affecting a particular group of muscles, usually within the legs and hips first. Over time children with DMD will need to use a manual wheelchair then a power wheelchair as the condition worsens. Eventually the condition will progress to loss of ability to lift their arms and hands up and eventually requiring machine assistance to breathe.

Duchennes is life limiting and the average life expectancy of a child with Duchennes is mid twenties. There is no cure



The goal of the Trust is to be as proactive as possible in ensuring we limit the inevitable barriers Fionn will face throughout his life and to maximise Fionn’s potential going forward. Funds are needed to assist Fionn in all areas of his life now and into the future

where your money goes

Monies raised so far have allowed the family to purchase a Wheel chair accessible vehicle.

Due to the particularly aggressive nature of Fionns diagnosis, the family will be required to move to a more suitable home in the coming year. The home will then need to be adapted significantly with the ultimate aim of providing a built environment to enable Fionn to grow and develop, with as little restrictions on his independence as possible.

We need to future proof his home for space needed later in life, while also supporting his parents and siblings in the continuity of normal family life.

The aim of all of our fundraising this year is to contribute to the cost of those adaptions.


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Unit 2, Crossbeg Industrial Estate, Ballymount, Dublin, IRELAND

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Revenue (Charities Unit) (CHY): Trust

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