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Rosslare Community Development Association CLG

Rosslare Community Development Association is a non-profit community and sports centre with charity status operating a business and servicing the community, holiday makers and village of Rosslare. Its purpose is to work on behalf of the community of Rosslare, promoting social and economic inclusion and equality. Secondly, the Association works to encourage a cooperative partnership approach supporting the engagement of organizations, local government, state agencies and social partnerships.

We have two new projects that we are aiming to raise funds for for 2020/2021

Promotion and Protection of Biodiversity at Rosslare Access for All Garden
This project is proposed to enhance the biodiversity of our village garden by the addition of trees, hedging, additional bee friendly plants and bird feeders.  We also propose adding metal arches to act as support for Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Rosa and other bee attracting climbers to provide nectar for bees, butterflies and moths.  There are 5 damaged trees in the garden which would be replaced. To complement this, we propose to plant additional trees with wild flower underplanting all of which will benefit biodiversity.
We plan to increase the number of bird boxes to provide nesting sites.  Signage to inform and  educate visitors about the rare and protected species in our lawn would be introduced.
The large road frontage area in the garden would be planted with Ilex JC Van Toll hedging to provide shelter for birds and nectar for the bees.  We currently have a long bare fence between the tennis courts and garden; we propose to replace this with a structure to support climbers which would provide nesting places, food, shelter for birds and insects.

Production and Sustainable Use of Water Resources
It is proposed to install an irrigation system for the soccer pitch and community garden at the Community & Sports Centre, Rosslare.
The source of the water will be freshwater located in the saturated sands underlying the land adjacent to the soccer pitch.  The freshwater will be harvested by 4 well points along the eastern boundary of the pitch.  Water from the well points will be pumped to an underground storage tank of 25000 litres capacity.  Stored water will be pumped by a submersible pump through a  distribution pipe to standpipes along the soccer pitch and to a standpipe in the community garden.  With sprinklers capable of operating at 5.5 bar with hose and couplings will be provided for connection to the standpipes along the pitch.

The total cost of the two projects is estimated at €65662.13; we will receive 75% from Leader,  establishing a fundraising campaign to acquire the remaining 25% (€16415.53)

Associated costs, along with the matching funds we need to raise, sets our overall Fundraising Target at €20,000.00.

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Rosslare Community & Sports Centre, Rosslare, Wexford, IRELAND

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Revenue (Charities Unit) (CHY): 17027

Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) : 20062606

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