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ALONE believes in a society where all older people are included as valued and empowered members of their communities. 

ALONE is a national charity that supports vulnerable older people to age at home.  We work with those who have experiences with poverty, social isolation, and poor health, lack of services, homelessness or poor housing.  Some older people face challenges and lack of services as they age and in ALONE we work to solve these issues to ensure the older person can remain living in the community for as long as possible.  We are an independent organisation and receives no government funding for the day to day running of our services.  We have 250 active volunteers that are trained and supported by professional.  All our services are quality approved ensuring we are high value and low cost.  100% of all donations goes directly to providing services to vulnerable older people.

 Support Coordination Service

ALONE's Support Coordination service works with older people who are in crisis situations and need extra support to age at home.  Professional staff work with the older person to assess their immediate situation and when necessary link them in with the relevant services in the community.  Staff maintain contact with the older person as required to ensure long term solutions have been achieved.

 Befriending Service

ALONE's Befriending Service provides companionship to older people who are socially isolated through a weekly volunteer visit.  Volunteers provide support with practical tasks and basic advocacy.  The Befriending Service is designed to alleviate the negative impacts loneliness has on mental and physical health.  All ALONE volunteers are trained and supported by professional staff.  If the older person's needs change, staff coordinate the additional supports the older person needs to allow them to remain living at home.

Supportive Housing Service

ALONE's Supportive Housing Service provides homes to older people are who homeless or at risk of homelessness and need a level of support.  Our Support Coordinators work with each resident to ensure they have the relevant services they need to live independently.  The level of support an older person receives is based on their changing needs.  Every ALONE home is age friendly and is maintained to a high standard. 

Campaigns for Change

ALONE's Campaigns for Change are designed to tell the truth about the challenges some older people face.  We work directly with older people in need, meaning that all our campaigns represent the real situations facing the older people we work with.  As well as highlighting issues, our campaigns are also designed to make real changes at an individual, local and political level.

Befriending Network Ireland (BNI)

ALONE have led in the establishment of Befriending Network Ireland, a national network of befriending services for older people.  There are currently 45 organizations across the country receiving support, advice and training through the network.   Befriending Network Ireland hopes that all older people experiencing loneliness and social isolation will have access to quality befriending services.  

In 1976, during a very cold spell and within a few short weeks eight older people were found dead in their Dublin homes.

Willie Bermingham (1942-90) a Dublin ?reman who discovered the remains of some of these forgotten older people and a number of his friends, distributed posters to highlight that the over-60?s in Dublin were suffering cold, hunger, loneliness, depression and illness and dying alone. They began to collect and distribute donations of food, fuel, clothing and furniture. They initiated a "search that building" campaign drawing awareness to the plight of isolated older people who survived in derelict city centre buildings, where unscrupulous landlords often wanted them out to free sites for redevelopment.

ALONE was founded by this small group of volunteers in 1977. The name was chosen as an acronym of the words; A Little Offering Never Ends. Today we continue providing friendship, housing and support to isolated older people.

ALONE doesn't receive any government funding for the day-to-day running of services and relies on the generous support of companies and the general public to continue this work. 

All donations regardless of amount are very much appreciated and applied with the greatest of care to all areas of our work. 

The following is an example of how your donation can help older people in need:

�20 could cover the cost of a volunteer visit to an older person for 1-2 hours in a given week.  This could include the cost of newspapers, magazines, food or an activity such as lunch or the cinema etc.

�60 could cover the cost of supplying a carbon monoxide monitor and a fire blanket in an ALONE house ensuring safety standards are in place.

�270 could cover the cost of the monthly cinema club plus lunch afterwards for approximately 20 older people. 

�600 could cover the cost of a small social event attended by 10-15 people.  Previous trips have included visiting the National Art Gallery, National Botanic gardens, Powerscourt gardens, Newbridge house etc.  Approximately 7-8 events take place each year. 

�1,000 could cover the cost of heating 10 houses plus 1 communal room in ALONE walk, Artane. 



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