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Kerry Mental Health Association CLG

Kerry Mental Health Association aims to benefit the community through the promotion of good mental health and the general welfare of persons with mental health difficulties and to support them, their families, and carers. We provide information and advocate on their behalf while supporting the provision of education and training programmes that promote good mental health and wellbeing. Kerry Mental Health Association also provides accommodation to suitably qualified persons approved by Housing Authorities.


Kerry Mental Health Association is a volunteer-led, countywide voluntary organisation that aims to promote good mental health and to actively support people with mental health difficulties and their families and carers by identifying their needs and advocating their rights. The strength and impact of Kerry Mental Health Association in the county is largely achieved and reflected through the calibre of volunteers associated with and attracted to work with us.

Kerry Mental Health Association has nine branches throughout the county where the volunteers pursue befriending and support activities to enrich the lives of neighbours and friends who are living with mental health difficulties. Our branches also organise or provide financial support for various therapies that may be helpful. Many of the services are provided in the various local HSE-run Day Care Centres throughout the county.

Kerry Mental Health Association (KMHA) was formed at a public meeting in Tralee on 29th November 1966 with the aim of supporting people with mental ill health through a range of befriending activities. The members of the Association also had the aim of promoting an understanding among the public of mental illness, advocating empathy with those who are experiencing ill health and removing the stigma associated with mental illness.

It remains a goal of Kerry Mental Health Association to educate students in secondary schools and third level about mental health and to make them aware of the resources that exist to help those with mental illness or who’s mental health may be under pressure for any reasons.

On 28th June 1971, seven members formed The Kerry Mental Health Association CLG (a company Limited by Guarantee) and the Registrar of Companies issued an Original Certificate of Incorporation on 10th August 1971.


Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, Kerry Mental Health Association’s fundraising and befriending activities were seriously curtailed since March 2019 and the Branches were unable to hold their annual church gate collections or flag day events.

Money received from fundraising goes towards the costs associated with: 

  • Befriending
  • Organising visits to mental health service users who are in hospital or at home
  • Attending day centres to assist social activities
  • Trips to the cinema or theatre
  • Celebration of birthdays
  • Day outings for shopping or perhaps a trip to the seaside or a walk in the woods or countryside
  • Visits to tourist attractions, scenic areas and gardens
  • Christmas parties, hampers and gifts
  • Assisting to cover the expenses associated with the needs of people in our community with mental ill-health

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Upper Lewis Road, Killarney, County Kerry, IRELAND

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Revenue (Charities Unit) (CHY): 5768

Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) : 20009168

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