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Burren Animal Rescue is a voluntary organisation, our registered charity number is 20100285.

We rescue, rehabilitate & rehome all animals who are in need of assistance.

Burren Animal Rescue is Co Clare's only rescue taking in horses, from both within Co Clare & it's neighbouring Counties, whether they are abandoned, neglected and/or cruelly treated.

Although we will help any species of animal we find ourselves predominantly concentrating on equines and donkeys due to the sheer numbers of them needing assistance.

We work with other rescues around the country when we can as we firmly believe that it is only by co-operating with other groups that we can make a bigger difference, particularly in relation to advocating on behalf of the animals in the hope of getting better welfare laws to protect them.

We have no paid staff so all donations go directly to the animals in our care to enable us to give them everything they need in order to help them make full recoveries so that they may go on to start happy, healthy lives in loving homes.

Contact Details

Rockforest, Tubber, Clare, IRELAND - H91CH6V

Cause Registration

Revenue (Charities Unit) (CHY): 20100285

Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) : 20100285