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Prader Willi Syndrome Association of Ireland

If you are like most people you will probably have never heard of Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS).  Certainly most parents of children with PWS had never heard of it until the day they were informed that their child would live all their lives with this complex and very rare genetic syndrome. PWS is characterised by symptoms including: hyperphagia; low muscle tone and reduced stamina; emotional and behavioural problems; learning difficulties; respiratory problems; and scoliosis.

The Prader Willi Syndrome Association Ireland seeks to raise awareness and understanding of PWS and to improve the choice and quality of care, education and support for persons with PWS.

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Carmichael Centre, North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7, Dublin, IRELAND

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Revenue (Charities Unit) (CHY): CHY 15171

Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) : 20051693

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