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Acquired Brain Injury Ireland

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland is Irelands leading provider in community based neuro-rehabilitation for people who have suffered an acquired brain injury.
An acquired brain injury (ABI) can be caused by a road accident, assault, fall, viral infection, aneurysm, anoxia, brain haemorrhage, stroke or tumour. Approximately 10-13,000 people suffer from a head injury in Ireland each year and face a dramatically altered life thereafter. People with ABI progress at different rates, and may need to access services at different points in time as their needs change. Acquired Brain Injury Ireland provide flexible and tailor made services to meet those needs; helping maximise their abilities and change their lives.

Your donation to Acquired Brain Injury Ireland will go toward the development of services for those living with a brain injury in Ireland. 

Every brain is different and so every brain injury is different. ABI Ireland provides an Individual Rehabilitation Plan for any person living with a brain injury, helping the person injured reach their goals and overcome the challenges occurred as a result of their injury. ABI Ireland strive to ensure that people with neuro-rehabilitation needs receive the highest quality personalised services and supports, as and when they need them!


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2nd Floor, Block A, Century House, 100 George’s Street Upper, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, IRELAND - A96 R2V3

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