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Galway Simon Community was set up in 1979 by a group of volunteers who refused to accept homelessness on the streets of Galway. It has only been with the support of the wider community that we have grown, developed, learned and adapted over the years to become a leading provider of homeless services and homelessness prevention in the region.

Over the years, Galway Simon services have expanded and as well as providing housing, our focus is now on preventing people from becoming homeless and providing them with the support they need to move forward with their lives.


At Galway Simon, we work with a very clear vision in mind: A community where everyone has a place to call home.


Anton Wallich-Clifford, a probation officer working in London in the fifties and sixties, noticed that many of the cases he was presented with in the course of his work at Bow Street Station had one common factor, several of the names were followed by three simple letters, NFA; No Fixed Abode. Behind these letters lay a complex and overlooked deeper social issue: homelessness.

Anton became increasingly frustrated by the consistent failure of society to address the problem in a meaningful way. Through his work with the probation services he could see the thousands who fall yearly through gaping holes in the welfare net. He recognised the work of many committed people and voluntary groups working with people who were homeless, but equally he recognised the need for a new and radical approach to tackling the problem of homelessness.

His frustration with the persistence of the problems resulted in the founding of the Simon Community.

In 1969 Anton Wallich-Clifford came to Ireland with a view to recruiting volunteers to work with the many Irish people he was meeting who were homeless in England. Through his inspiration and through meeting like-minded people, the first Simon Community was established in Dublin in that year.

A number of Simon Communities were set up in the following years. Cork Simon was founded in 1971, Dundalk Simon in 1973, and Galway Simon Community in 1979.The Simon National Office was founded in 1972 to help co-ordinate the work of the Simon Communities.

Where Your Money Goes

Galway Simon deliver a wide range of essential services to people experiencing, or at risk of becoming homeless, including a community outreach programme, resettlement services, a drop in resource centre in Ballinasloe, and transitional, supported and long term housing in Galway City.



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