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Anne Sullivan Foundation for the Deaf/Blind

On 27th April, 1989 a group of concerned people met and decided to form a national organisation to help low functioning Deaf/Blind children. They named the organisation The Anne Sullivan Foundation for Deaf/Blind people. This is as a tribute to a lady whose achievements have merited the making of a feature film “The Miracle Worker” about her work. She was almost unknown in Ireland at the time.

The Foundation has a specially constructed Centre in the grounds of St. Joseph’s House for Adult Deaf, Brewery Road, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin.  The Anne Sullivan Centre is a home for life for low functioning Deaf/Blind people.  It has a specially trained staff, as people with congenital Deaf/Blindness require intensive programmes with a substantial educational element on a life long basis.  Most importantly, however, the Centre is a real home, where the dignity and happiness of the residents is of primary importance.

The Anne Sullivan Centre is primarily a home for life, as a residential and educational centre for Deaf/Blind people, with additional disabilities. The centre is also available as an information and advisory centre for professionals, parents and other agencies. It also acts as an outreach and respite centre for those who need our services, accessible and responsive to the needs of Deaf/Blind people, and their families.

This life-long home is a centre of excellence in the educational, psychological and emotional care of each resident. By constantly monitoring, recording and assessing the needs of the residents, a set of aims and objectives can be realistically set for each individual, who is regularly monitored and assessed on an on-going basis so they can be helped to achieve their full potential.

To offer opportunities for residents to experience as normal a life as possible, which will be commensurate with their individual levels of ability, aptitude and motivation.

To develop links with other Deaf/Blind centres throughout the world, so developing on an-ongoing basis positive and progressive staff training programmes.

To continue to develop the existing on-going programmes for the residents so they achieve the highest quality of services available.

To meet the needs of parents and families, in that the Anne Sullivan Centre will provide a totally supportive environment, responding to the need for knowledge, psychological and emotional support from an experienced staff.

To raise the general public’s awareness of the Deaf/Blind by always assuming the stance that the Deaf/Blind are entitled to as normal a life as possible and that all programmes of education, work and leisure will reflect this.
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