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Bone Marrow for Leukaemia Trust C.L.G.


HOPe Directorate, St James's Hospital Dublin 8, Dublin, Dublin - Dublin 8

Bone Marrow for Leukaemia Trust C.L.G.

The Bone Marrow for Leukaemia Trust was established in 1980, and has provided ongoing support for the development of the National Bone Marrow Transplant Programme at St James's Hospital since that time. Funds raised by the Trust provide crucial support to patients and families undergoing these complex treatments, including specialist nursing and other vital supports.

We have acquired seven apartments adjacent to the Hilton Hotel in Kilmainham.The apartments are for the use of patients and relatives undergoing various forms of stem cell transplant, who do not have access to accommodation locally in Dublin. They provide an ideal environment in which patients can recuperate following the difficulties of transplantation while they still need to remain close to the hospital.

The Bone Marrow for Leukaemia Trust (BMLT), is providing funding of 750,000 (over a three year period) to enable Trinity College Dublin and St James's Hospital to strengthen cancer care and research. This will fund a new position  'Assistant Professor in Haematology', a post crucial for building research capacity for the ultimate benefit of patients with leukaemia and related diseases.

The Bone Marrow for Leukaemia Trust gratefully acknowledges the generous and consistent support of the voluntary Fund Raising groups and businesses whose efforts have helped us reach our goals.