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Team Elizabeth Trust


10 Tullyhall Avenue, Lucan, Co. Dublin

Team Elizabeth Trust

The Team Elizabeth Trust is a registered trust that was established in 2016, with Elizabeth Mc Nicholas as the beneficiary. The trust is managed and administered by four unrelated trustees, who are responsible for ensuring that funds raised are used appropriately.

Elizabeth Mc Nicholas is a young person who is living with severe brain and spinal injuries and, as a result, is a full-time wheelchair user, with complex medical needs and severe neuropathic pain.

Any funds raised through the Team Elizabeth Trust will be used to enable Elizabeth to access vital medical care and rehabilitation, both at home, where this cannot be provided through the public health system, and abroad, as well as to help with other medical expenses, such as the purchase of necessary specialised medical equipment.

This will be achieved through the use of a number of different fundraising methods, such as the holding of various events, e.g., céilí dances, table quizes, etc., as well as through the holding of raffles, both on and offline and the use of crowdfunding and online donations.

Through iDonate, we hope to provide our supporters with a safe place to donate online, should they wish to do so.


The Elizabeth McNicholas Trust - Team Elizabeth has been established to raise funds for Elizabeth McNicholas. Elizabeth is living with severe brain and spinal injuries and we are fundraising to help with her medical expenses, such as treatment abroad, specialised rehabilitation and medical equipment. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

where your money goes

Funds raised will go towards specialised neurorehabilitation abroad, which is not available in Ireland. Previously, Funds raised have gone towards Elizabeth's medical expenses, including life-saving surgery and rehabilitation abroad.


The Elizabeth McNicholas Trust- Team Elizabeth was founded in 2016 to raise funds for Elizabeth's life-saving treatment abroad and other medical expenses. We have since raised over €150,000.00, which has gone towards Elizabeth's life-saving surgeries and rehabilitation abroad.