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Charlotte's Vision

About Charlotte’s Vision

Charlotte Sweeney, passed away just before her 42nd birthday when the cancer in her breast spread to her liver leaving her without hope of survival but with the question of “how long?”. After her death her friends and family wanted to provide more hope for other patients diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer decided to set up a new charity called Charlotte’s Vision.

The journey to setting up any charity is not easy therefore they sought the support of the National Breast Cancer Research Institute (NBCRI) based in University Hospital Galway. Close friend and chairperson of Charlotte’s Vision, Caroline Downey explained; “When Charlotte was diagnosed, she spoke to me about metastatic cancer, at the time I had no idea what it meant, to me breast cancer was breast cancer and we just needed to keep praying and hoping that she would get better. Unfortunately for Charlotte her breast cancer had spread to her liver, this is secondary cancer and currently there is no cure. It is about keeping the person alive for as long as possible. After she died, I approached NBCRI in the hope that we could create a charity that would specifically look at research for metastatic breast. Thankfully Prof. Michael Kerins and chairperson of NBCRI Caroline Loughnane were delighted with our initiative and allowed us to be part of their charity. This means that all our funds raised will go to metastatic research. Charlotte’s Vision is governed by NBCRI. This is a massive achievement to be part of such an amazing charity that already does such great work in the fight against breast cancer. We are so proud to be associated with NBCRI as well as having the opportunity to see the work Prof. Kearns and his team carry out on a daily basis.”

Charlotte’s mum Virigie added; “we, as a family are devastated at the loss of Charlotte. She was an extraordinary person who was herself a scientist. She would be so happy to know that we are going to be raising funds for metastatic breast cancer research. We lost Charlotte and we want to try and prevent other families from losing their loved ones. NBCRI have been so great, and we look forward to working with them to raise as much as possible to help with their ongoing research. Charlotte has a core group of friends who are now known as Char’s Tribe and they are all part of the charity giving their time, support and knowledge free of charge. All proceeds from every event will go directly to metastatic research.”

Johanna Downes, fundraiser for NBCRI said at the launch of Charlotte’s Vision; “I was lucky enough to meet Charlotte, she was a fabulous person and what her friends and family are doing in her name is just brilliant. I have been part of NBCRI for many years, I have seen where the monies raised go and I know it is making a difference. But we need to continue this as more research is needed. Charlotte’s Vision is really going to highlight the need for research in metastatic breast cancer.”

Charlotte’s Vision, raising much needed funds for metastatic breast cancer research in partnership with NBCRI.

For more information email [email protected] or contact Caroline on 0874482070


Charlotte's Vision in collaboration with the National Breast Cancer Research Institute was set up by the friends and family of Charlotte Sweeney in 2022 after their beautiful Charlotte passed away from metastatic breast cancer.

The charity raises funds to help the fight against cancer and primarily metastatic breast cancer. All funds raised goes towards the research into metastatic breast cancer. 

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The charity raises funds to help the fight against cancer and primarily metastatic breast cancer. All funds raised goes towards the research into metastatic breast cancer.