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Westmeath SPCA

Founded near Mullingar in 1952, the Westmeath SPCA has looked out for the welfare of the animals of Westmeath with care and respect. Westmeath SPCA is entirely volunteer run and is a registered charity, CHY11491.
We rely on the public to report cases of animal cruelty or hardship.
In April 2016 we welcomed our new inspector to work on the frontline with animal welfare.

The welfare of an animal includes its physical and mental state, and good animal welfare implies both fitness and a sense of well-being.

where your money goes

Westmeath Society For Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals, a charity, registered charity number 20031619, CHY 11491. Westmeath SPCA has been in existence for over 65 years, covering all Westmeath and based in Mullingar. 

The ISPCA is an umbrella organisation for a number of affiliated local animal welfare organisations. Westmeath SPCA is one of these affiliated local groups. ISPCA Member Societies carry out valiant work in many areas of animal welfare. Collectively the ISPCA affiliated societies rescue, re-home, and treat thousands of animals across Ireland. 

We answer all calls for help with any animal / bird cases, domesticated and wild.

What a gift can help Westmeath SPCA do?

  1. Respond appropriately to calls from the public regarding cases of animal cruelty and hardship. Calls regarding all domesticated animals and wildlife are dealt with by Westmeath SPCA.
  2. Give vouchers to cat and dog owners to spay or neuter their cat or dog. (Means tested.)
  3. Rehabilitate and Rehome vulnerable animals especially cats.
  4. Feeding an adult cat for a year costs approximately €130-.
  5. Keeping an adult cat flea and worm free for a year costs about €100-. 

(The above two figures do not take any special requirements regarding health for example into consideration.)

      6. Assist in Trapping, Neutering and Returning Feral cats.

Spaying and neutering cats is incredibly important as a cat’s pregnancy is usually around nine weeks and in a cat’s first 18 months it can have around 12 kittens. Younger and older cats have fewer kittens but a healthy three, four or five year old cat may have four or five kittens each time so can easily have 18 to 20 kittens in a year. Your donation will help manage the number of new cats being born or care for some vulnerable animal in need.

We get a large number of cases of starving equines and wildlife in distress especially in the winter months and so fund raising is vitally important for us.  

Charitable objectives : Prevention or relief of suffering of animals. To promote and provide for animal welfare. 

Each year the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine grant funding to organisations involved in safeguarding animal welfare throughout the country. In December 2017, funding awards totalling €2,560,000 were made to 111 animal welfare organisations throughout the country, Westmeath SPCA received €10,000 for the second time. In December 2016, Minister Creed announced funding of €2460,500 to 137 Animal Welfare Organisations of which Westmeath SPCA received €10,000. Donations make up the rest of the income.

You can follow Westmeath SPCA's activities via our volunteer run social media channels; Twitter and Facebook. We also have a volunteer run website and email.


contact details


Mullingar , Mullingar, Westmeath

cause registration

Revenue (Charities Unit) (CHY): 11491

Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA): 20031619

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