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ActionAid Ireland


172 Ivy Exchange , Granby Place Parnell Square West, Dublin 1, Dublin - D01 V125

ActionAid Ireland

As part of the ActionAid International Federation we support people to fight for and gain their rights to education, food, shelter, work and basic healthcare.



How are we different?

  • We don't impose solutions. We work with communities over many years to strengthen their own efforts to throw off poverty.
  • We see poverty as an injustice and poor people as our partners in tackling the causes of poverty.
  • We take a human rights based approach to developent and social justice
  • We take a rights-based approach to emergencies
  • We prioritise international leadership from developing countries
  • Protecting women from violence is an integral part of all our work, including in emergencies
  • We are leaders in our innovative education methodologies
  • We have a committed, long-term supporter base
  • We do not have any religious or political affiliations

where your money goes

86.5% of your donation goes towards helping the people who need it most, whilst 13.5% is spent on fundraising and governance.


Founded in 1983, we now support projects in six countries in Africa and Asia; Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Nepal, Cambodia and Vietnam.