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Angelman Syndrome Ireland


Ecka House,, Old Road, Tuam, Galway

Angelman Syndrome Ireland

Every day 18 people are born worldwide with Angelman Syndrome. Between the Republic and Northern Ireland there are about 350 people living with this condition.

Angelman Syndrome is a genetic disorder and babies are born with a severe learning disability.

People with Angelman Syndrome may speak only a few words & most do not speak at all, many have mobility problems or cannot walk, most suffer debilitating seizures and all require 24/7 care throughout their lives. People with Angelman Syndrome are known for their wonderful smiles & warm personalities.

Scientists have restored the intellectual, cognitive and motor functioning of an ADULT mouse with Angelman Syndrome using a common antibiotic for teenage acne!  This amazing discovery is a game-changer for how we view "intellectual disability" and has the potential not just for Angelman Syndrome but to open pathways for Autism & Alzheimer disease also!

Clinical trials using this "acne" drug have started with 24 children in USA in 2012.

We are full of hope for the future so please support our loved ones by giving whatever you can afford. THANK YOU!


  • Provide a support & information network offering fact based knowledge about living with Angelman Syndrome for families, caregivers and service providers throughout Ireland
  • Promote research efforts in line with current international work to advance understanding and deliver treatments for people with Angelman Syndrome in Ireland