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Ashling Murphy Memorial Fund


Blueball, Tullamore, Offaly

Ashling Murphy Memorial Fund

The Ashling Murphy Memorial Fund has been set up in memory of the late Ashling Murphy, Blueball, Tullamore, Co. Offaly. This fund has been established to fulfil the strong legacy left by Ashling, even in her short life. Donations and proceeds from fundraisers will be utilised to achieve the objectives of the memorial fund. These objectives have been compiled by the Murphy family along with committee members and are deemed close to Ashling’s heart and represent the many interests she had in her 23 years.


Ashling Murphy was a beautiful, caring, loving, compassionate and warm-hearted person. An amazing daughter to Ray and Kathleen, a wonderful sister to Amy and Cathal, a loving partner to Ryan, and a kind, caring young woman to her extended family, pupils, colleagues and wide circle of friends. Ashling was breath-takingly talented- an exceptional musician, talented sportsperson and an inspirational teacher to the many young people she encountered within her 23 years. She was determined to succeed at whatever she turned her hand to, whether that be music or sports, and had an admirable personality, positive attitude and infectious smile that would brighten up any room she entered.


Ashling touched the hearts and minds of many people during her very short life and even after her sudden and tragic departure from us on the 12th of January, 2022. The Ashling Murphy Memorial Fund was established in November 2022 and will always remember Ashling for who she was by fulfilling her legacy through the memorial fund objectives outlined below.

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The main objective for which the Ashling Murphy Memorial Fund is established, is for the further enhancement, development and the advancements of The Traditional Irish Arts, Culture and Heritage for young people. With your support, this may be done through the provisions of tuition, facilities and equipment where required. In short, the provision of an environment to continue and enhance this culture where Ashling grew up and was very much part of.

The Ashling Murphy Memorial Fund have the following subsidiary objects:

  • Establishing arts and cultural activities in memory of Ashling’s name
  • Creating educational, sport and musical scholarships
  • Supporting the enhancement of facilities or building projects
  • Supporting personnel who participate in cultural events



  • Promoting our traditional Irish language
  • Providing resources, equipment and materials for educational, sporting and musical settings 
  • Supporting individuals or groups who may undertake significant challenges/exhibitions in memory of Ashling Murphy
  • Support other needs and requests that may arise from time to time within the above overall objective



Contributing to the Ashling Murphy Memorial Fund ...

If you are interested in donating to the Ashling Murphy Memorial Fund, please click ‘Donate Now’.


If you would like to fundraise in memory of Ashling Murphy, permission must be sought to use the official Ashling Murphy Memorial Fund name and logo and to obtain an approval number. Please complete an online application form via the following link - The executive committee aims to respond to the application within seven days of receipt.


Contact Details:

If you have a query or require assistance with completing the application process, please:

Email [email protected]

Alternatively, phone (083) 3979471

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