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Association of Ukrainians in Republic of Ireland (AURI)


4 North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7, County Dublin - D07 RHA8

Association of Ukrainians in Republic of Ireland (AURI)

Dear Friends,
We are the Association of Ukrainians in the Republic of Ireland (AURI).

We are an Irish Registered Charity (RCN 20070489) and our objective is to provide support to the Ukrainian community in Ireland, as well as providing humanitarian aid to Ukrainians in Ukraine, who are affected by the Russian invasion.

Donations received from this I-Donate campaign will go directly towards the work we undertake to deliver against these two objectives of aiding people who are still in Ukraine, and helping refugees who have come to Ireland.

We have a team of dedicated volunteers who have lived for some years as professionals in Ireland, and who now serve as an important conduit in helping recently arrived refugees navigate life in Ireland.

We offer both practical material support, as well as providing the guidance needed to help refugees integrate into work and education, and to integrate and contribute to the wider community for the time that they are in Ireland.

As a small organization, we are capable of getting on the ground, figuring out directly what refugees are in need of, and facilitating a way to make sure they get it. The more we do, the more we see what needs to be done.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is catastrophic for the civilian population. The elderly, vulnerable, children and families are at risk of losing their livelihoods, their homes and access to medical and other vital services.

Having endured the trauma of war, we are asking for your support to integrate Ukrainian refugees into communities across Ireland.

Many Ukrainians who have arrived in Ireland are non-English speakers and will need special help to integrate into Irish society and adjust to a “new normal”.

What do we do for them?

Here are some examples of the work AURI is doing:

- in the past five months AURI have received over €940,000 donations towards purchase of medical equipment, medical supplies and ambulances to Ukraine and our volunteers and partners organised deliveries and distribution of help all over Ukraine. We are working with accredited and registered Ukrainian charities to provide medicines, transport and critical services to support the most vulnerable to overcome the consequences and traumas of war.

- AURI assisted with volunteer drivers and donated towards delivery costs of HSE ambulances from Ireland to Poland.

- AURI established Ukrainian hubs called “Palyanytsya” in seven locations throughout Ireland. These hubs distributed donated goods of essential items to refugees who had just arrived from the war zones with just the clothes on their back, having lost all of their possessions. The donated goods included items such as clothes, toys, baby food and equipment and toiletries, all absolutely free of charge. Furthermore, hubs serve an important function as places where Ukrainians can receive information and social support, and exchange communication.

- AURI organised many events, such as charity concerts for Ukrainian community in Ireland, family sport days, trips to zoo, barbeques, fun and games for adults and children for Ukrainians in Ireland and helped many Ukrainian children to take part in summer camps all over the country.

- Since 2008 AURI has been managing a Ukrainian school in Ireland and planning to expand soon to open new schools in many locations over Ireland.

In order to continue to provide aid, reaching our financial goal is essential. We cannot express how much any donation, regardless of how big or small, will be appreciated.
ALL money donated goes directly towards those most affected by the crisis. We hope that you will consider donating to help us reach our goal and/or sharing with those who are capable of doing so.
Please donate today to the #HelpUkraine Emergency Appeal!