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Cancer Connect


No.12 Barrack Street, Bantry, Bantry, Cork - P75H429

Cancer Connect

A free, flexible transport service to Cork Hospitals for people receiving cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


Cancer Connect is a community service, established in 2011, managed by

a voluntary Board of Directors. The accounts have been audited since

commencement, and the service is listed on the Public Register of

Charities. There are 3 part time staff associated with the project. It is a

unique transport service increasing access to cancer treatment, and

alleviating the stresses and trauma involved, and reducing barriers to

obtaining treatment. Transport is delivered by a team of voluntary drivers

based around the County, there are 350 active Voluntary Drivers on the

panel currently. Drivers either use their own car, or one of the 6 Cancer

Connect owned vehicles to collect passengers. This is a door-to-door

service, bringing Passengers to their appointment and home again.

Passengers are brought to radiotherapy treatments on a scheduled

timetable developed with the relevant hospitals, and to chemotherapy and

cancer related appointments on the passengers' own schedule. The

service was initially conceived in response to local demand and grew at

unprecedented speed. To date, over 43,000 journeys have been

completed. Cancer Connect works closely with medical services county

wide, and local palliative and cancer support services. This service is

streamlined to work for people dealing with cancer and provides bespoke

transport for each individual.

where your money goes

All funds raised through iDonate go directly towards co ordination of the service. There are 6 vehicles currently owned by Cancer Connect that bring passengers for radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments. Drivers that use their own vehicles are given a contribution towards fuel costs. There are 3 part time staff working on Cancer Connect, all with responsibility of delivering a transport service for the entire Cork County community. 


Cancer Connect began in April 2011, a transport service initially delivered by Local Link Cork. Local demand in West Cork indicated the need for transport to cancer treatments in Cork Hospitals.  Consultation with CUH, MUH and South Infirmary confirmed the great need of bespoke transport for cancer patients; Local Link Cork purchased an 8-seater and the community gathered a team of volunteers to drive the vehicle to CUH for radiotherapy treatment.  Cancer Connect was born; and began operating as a CLG in 2021.


It soon became apparent that the passengers attending radiotherapy treatment needed additional transport to meet Consultants, attend chemotherapy, have scans, procedures etc.  Further Volunteers joined the panel and used their own cars.


Demand for the service grew quickly and substantially and a second radiotherapy route was established along the Castletownbere/Bantry line in October of the same year.  By 2016 the service was expanded to cover North Cork.  By the end of 2020, Cancer Connect was available throughout East Cork, becoming County wide cancer transport service.


The allocated staff of one member grew to two, then three in 2022.  A Staff contingent of 3 allowed the company to allocate two staff to day-to-day bookings and passenger support, and the third to focus on fundraising, marketing, and management of the service. 


Volunteers are the backbone of the transport service; there are 339 registered Drivers on the panel.  From the Board of Management to the community members and organisations that fundraise and promote Cancer Connect, to the daily drives to and from Cork by the kind, reliable and outstanding team of drivers.  Each member has played a role in ensuring the efficient transport service is continuous, local, free and reliable. 


By December 2022 over 43,500 passenger journeys have been recorded.

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