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Community Cancer Caregivers


DO Centre Maynooth business campus, Maynooth Kildare W23W5X7., Maynooth, Kildare

Community Cancer Caregivers

At community cancer caregivers we lessen the impact of a cancer diagnosis on families. 

We have a vision of a community where a parent diagnosed with cancer needs no longer feel alone during cancer treatment, but are supported in the community by the community and therefore recover quickly. CCC provides an opportunity where young children who have a parent with cancer receives compassionate and confidential childcare by engaged community of trained caregivers who takes pride in volunteering to care for children of parents going through treatment. CCC hopes to reduce the financial strain of childcare costs on a family when they need it the most.
Together, we are working to create a reality where every parent with cancer gets the care they needs for their children – so they have enough time to take care of themselves.

CCC provides no cost relief childcare for North Kildare parents with cancer. We care for children 16 and under and provide timely, compassionate support to families throughout a cancer diagnosis and treatment. To meet that goal, we will:
Galvanize a new generation of volunteers and provide them with engaging and rewarding opportunities to provide childcare to Parent/ss in need.
Arm volunteers with the right knowledge, skills and resources to care for children, and raise awareness of healthy lifestyles so they are able to care for themselves.
Build lasting relationships with, and be an effective resource to cancer support organizations to identify and support Parent/ss who need us most.
Raise funds annually to support programs that have direct, meaningful impact on the Parent/ss and families we serve.

Family-centered support: We are driven to provide high quality childcare for Parent/s and their families through all phases of the cancer journey.
Opportunity and Accessibility: We believe all Parent/s with cancer, irrespective of race, religion, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status, should receive the childcare they need during their cancer journey.
Volunteerism: Our community is strengthened by coming together to provide childcare for our Parent/s and their children.