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St Marys (Church of Ireland) Killarney


The Rectory, Rookery Close, Killarney, Kerry

St Marys (Church of Ireland) Killarney

A member of the Church of Ireland (part of the worldwide Anglican Communion), St Mary's Church in Killarney serves both locals and tourists.  As a charity we have two aims: (1) the support of needy causes; and (2) the maintenance of this old building for the benefit of both local people and visitors.


View our lovely church (follow the "see inside" link [top left]).  The Church is located between the hotel sector and the main shopping area of Killarney.  The Church offers free evening concerts for visitors in the summer season (people make donations after a concert to support our restoration work).  We sometimes run tours of our notable stained glass windows on Saturday mornings in the tourist season (see our website/Facebook page for details or contact to book your own special tour).  We work hard to maintain the church as a beautiful place; so people can admire some of Killarney's Christian heritage.  The name Killarney means Church of the Sloes.  We are the custodians of that legacy, we are "the Church of the Sloes".

where your money goes

It costs a lot of money to maintain these ancient buildings; they have to be maintained to high standards using traditional skills.  They have been created to the glory of God and for the inspiration of all who visit them.  The money you give us is used to restore the wonderful stained glass windows, the fabulous decoration and the stonework of this must-see building.  As a small congregation we are unable by ourselves to keep up with the ongoing repairs.  Therefore we rely on the generosity of people?who come from near and far?to help us.  The church is on the tourist itinerary of many who come to Kerry for the National Park, the Ring of Kerry Coach Tour and the Dingle Peninsula.  The building is easily accessible next to the main shopping area.  Your help makes it possible for us to give the visitor added value to their visit.  Help us to keep this wonderful, beautifully decorated, eye-catching church in good repair.

Of particular concern is the damage suffered by vandalism to some of the stained glass windows back in January 2015.  One window in the Sanctuary?the Nativity Scene?was severely damaged.  It is away being restored at the moment.  Damage was also done to a number of external windows that are meant to protect the stained glass windows.  We need to raise about $50,000 in order to restore the damaged windows, other stained glass windows that have weakened over the last 150 years, and replace all the safety glazing with new stronger glass.

Future funding will be needed to restore all the internal decoration; to install a new security/webcam system; and to restore the ancient iron railings that surround the church grounds.  

You can be assured that many who will come to see this lovely church in this fabulous setting are going to be most grateful that you took time to donate to this ongoing work of safeguarding Killarney's Heritage.