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Claremorris Community Radio - Progress Fund


Chapel Court, Chapel Lane, Claremorris, Mayo - F12D535

Claremorris Community Radio - Progress Fund

Empowering Communities: The Impact of Supporting Community Radio

At Claremorris Community Radio, we have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of community radio in fostering positive change and empowering individuals, especially minorities and marginalised groups. Your support can help us amplify these social benefits and make a lasting impact on the lives of our listeners.

1. Empowering Individuals: Through engaging with our station, individuals especially from marginalised backgrounds like people with a disability, elderly, new Irish, etc experience an increase in confidence, creativity, and a profound sense of belonging. This is achieved through various avenues, including:

  • Placements from community organisations working with marginalised individuals.

  • Dedicated efforts of station volunteers in creating programs and providing essential support.

  • Training initiatives that equip disadvantaged individuals with valuable skills.

  • Providing a voice and addressing the interests of isolated or marginalised individuals through relevant radio programs.

2. Enhancing Employment Prospects: Your support will enable us to offer media training, volunteer opportunities, and staff experiences that enhance vocational prospects. By equipping individuals with relevant skills and confidence, we reinforce community identity and empower them to succeed in their careers.

3. Informing and Connecting Communities: We keep our community members well-informed about local events and everyday information through regular bulletins. Additionally, specific social bulletins and transactional information services, such as Job Search or Marketplace, are provided free or at low-cost to ensure everyone has access to essential information.

4. Fostering Informed Decision-Making: By producing and broadcasting content that addresses local and global issues with diverse viewpoints presented in a balanced format, we help our community respond effectively to challenges. We actively involve community members and reference local advocacy groups in our reporting, ensuring that information is inclusive and reliable.

5. Empowering Collective Actors: Your support will facilitate local Collective-Based Organizations (CBOs) and NGOs to achieve their goals. We provide airtime to these organizations, allowing them to present their work, issues, and requests to the public. Additionally, we offer training and facilities for CBOs to produce dedicated programs, promoting their causes and advocacy.

6. Enhancing Community Identity and Cohesion: We bring diverse community groups together through interactive programs, fostering discussions on local issues, and providing a platform to address conflicts and tensions constructively. By mobilizing community members for collective action and advocacy, we strengthen community identity and cohesion.

Your generous contribution to Claremorris Community Radio will not only support our operations but also empower individuals, inform communities, and foster a stronger, more connected society. Join us in creating a positive impact through the transformative medium of community radio. Together, we can make a difference that resonates far beyond the airwaves.

Claremorris Community Radio has been doing great work for more than ten years. Help it do even better as it faces into the next decade.


Claremorris Community Radio strives to be at the heart of the community of southeast Mayo. After more than a decade in existence, the station is stepping up its ambitions to serve the various communities  and reflect the diversity and vibrancy of the area.

Clarmorris Community Radio has  purpose-built studios  ideally situated in town and accessible for people of all abilities.