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Galway Autism Partnership GAP


Galway Autism Partnership Tigh Ronan 36 Laurel Park Newcastle Galway city, Galway, Galway - H91 HX97

Galway Autism Partnership GAP

Established in 2011, Galway Autism Partnership (GAP) is a small community led charity. GAP aims to support autistic people and their families living in Galway city and county.

GAP started as a small online group and was driven by the desire to ensure families and individuals had access to information, education and support. GAP is led by a Voluntary Board of Trustees, the majority of whom have a personal connection to Autism.

Our vision is for a society that is accepting and understanding of autistic people and their families, ensuring their right to equal opportunities and participation.


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Phone: 091 588899

E-mail: [email protected]


Charity number: CHY20210


We are a registered charity for Autism Spectrum Disorders.

We aim to help improve the lives of both the person affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families by organising social occasions, information and support.

GAP currently runs Respite & Social Clubs, Monthly Sensory Cinema club, Family Days out, Awareness Campaigns, Information Talks and Training Courses.

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Our mission is to improve the quality of life experience for autistic people and their families by providing and facilitating quality peer support, information, social activities, and training and& education.

We are now a community-based charity working to make a positive difference to the individuals and families we support. We strive to be a strong voice, both for, and with, the autism spectrum community.

We also welcome those who have feel that they may be autistic, or that a family member may be autistic. We do this through peer and family support, information provision, advocacy, creating opportunities for social engagement and participation, and education and training. These are key areas of work for our organisation.

Our membership consists of autistic children and adults, parents, family members, teachers, volunteers, and those working with people with additional needs in Galway city and county

One of our biggest challenges is funding. GAP's current budget is derived from our Fundraising efforts, as we do not yet have sustainable funding from any source, nor do we receive multiannual financial support from the State or any other organisation.

Many of our Trustees and other members who provide voluntary hours make a difference to our survival, and help us to utilise the funds we have.



GAP was formed in 2011 by a group of parents of autistic children and some autistic adults. Currently GAP supports 1,200 members.