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Gheel Autism Services CLG

In Gheel, we focus on supporting individuals with autism through their life journey and supporting them to  have fulfilling life experiences, while having autonomy and control over their choices and decisions. Gheel provides a wide range of services for adults with autism including day opportunities, outreach support and a variety of supported living options. 


Across our services we consider how each person thinks, learns and processes information to develop a personalised plan of support. Considering individual strengths and motivations, we enable people to obtain outcomes that are meaningful to them. Committed practitioners receive regular training and they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to enable each individual to have positive and meaningful life experiences. All staff are involved in changing the culture to supporting people into a more inclusive, independence focused style of support - where people with autism are encouraged to be partners in, not recipients of, their life and support. 


where your money goes

Your donations will help us to create inclusive communities where people with autism are valued and have meaningful opportunities to design their own future in Ireland. As well as this, your contribution will help us to:

  • Support and embrace difference
  • Design individual person centered services
  • Facilitate family and community involvement
  • Engage with health care provider to inform practice
  • Promote evidence based practice and training
  • Respect privacy and dignity of each person
  • Provide choice, not boundaries
  • Practice low arousal philosophy
  • Give people a life, not a service


contact details


Gheel Autism Services CLG , Level 3, 501 Northwest Business Park Mitchelstown Road Ballycoolin , Dublin, IRELAND - D15 Y00V

cause registration

Revenue (Charities Unit) (CHY): CHY7345

Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA): 20015787

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