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Galway Mountain Rescue Team

The primary service provided by the team is that of a 24 hour search and rescue service responding to incidents in the upland and remote areas of counties Galway and Clare. Following tasking by An Garda Siochana a team of trained volunteers will respond to the site of the incident, Once on scene the team will administer the necessary pre-hospital emergency care and arrange evacuation of all those involved in the incident by the most appropriate method.

In addition to this the team performs the following secondary services:
● Support to other Mountain Rescue teams within their primary operational areas
● Conducting lowland missing person searches in urban and rural areas.
● Hillwalking and mountaineering safety advice to local walking clubs and youth organisations
● Logistical support to the primary response agencies in the event of major emergencies or severe adverse weather events.

Due to its ability to operate in adverse weather conditions and at night, the team is frequently able to respond to incidents that are beyond the scope of other services.


Galway Mountain Rescue is an organisation staffed entirely by volunteers which provides a 24 hour search and rescue service responding to incidents in the upland and remote areas of counties Galway and Clare.

The team developed out of the tradition of mountaineers to come to the aid of those in need.

The beneficiaries of Galway Mountain Rescue are all those who access the remote and mountainous areas of counties Galway and Clare either as their place of work, residence or for recreational purposes. In the event that they become lost, ill or injured in remote parts of the region that cannot be easily accessed by road, the team routinely takes a lead role in providing emergency medical care and rescue support

where your money goes

The commitment of our volunteers is significant and often comes at the expense of time spent with friends and family. Volunteers also personally purchase much of their own equipment. The team receives some government funding which only covers a portion of the annual running costs and must rely on donations and fundraising to close the gap.

Gifts of Impact

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Belay/Rappel Gloves
€ 55

Belay/Rappel Gloves

These gloves protect our volunteers while they work with ropes in high pressure rescue situations

Rescue Sling
€ 16

Rescue Sling

A vital piece of safety equipment in every rescuers pack

Conterra Radio harness
€ 60

Conterra Radio harness

A specialist item that allows our volunteers to operate their radios hands free for maximum safety

Petzl William carabiner
€ 22

Petzl William carabiner

A versatile piece of equipment used by our volunteers to ensure their safety in multiple scenarios.

Kongur MRT jacket
€ 585

Kongur MRT jacket

Reinforced, highly visible specialised jacket to protect our volunteers in hostile conditions.

Rescue Helmet
€ 80

Rescue Helmet

One of the most important piece of safety equipment issued our volunteers.


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