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MRI is very much part of routine everyday imagining. It is no longer a specialised investigation and should be available in every hospital. An onsite MRI service is an essential diagnostic test required for patients attending various services especially stroke, general surgery, gastroenterology, emergency department, endocrinology, cardiology, general and elderly medical patients, young adults and children.


Almost 1,200 public patients are referred for an MRI from Mullingar hospital each year. 

The current access to an MRI for patients from Mullingar is via MRH Tullamore, which is the only publicly accessible MRI in the Midlands Region.

The current waiting list for a routine MRI from Mullingar Regional Hospital is 12 months. 

In addition, paediatric MRI scans for which anaesthesia support is required comes with a 2 year waiting list for routine access. This is a service that can readily be developed at Mullingar as the hospital has a paediatrics department on-site.


A MRI Scanner uses Magnetism rather than X-rays to producing a scan this means that it can be used in a lot of situations in which the use of X-Ray Radiation cannot. For example;

• Scans of Children and Young Adults

• Scans of Pregnant Women

• Chronic Illness requiring Repeated Scanning


There are many conditions where M.R.I.  is absolutely vital and can’t be managed effectively without access to an M.R.I  Scanner…


Neurology includes Strokes, Multiple Scleroses, numerous Brain Diseases (and most diseases of the brain). In Neurology, frequently repeated M.R.I.s for monitoring strokes is probably one of the biggest areas of use. Chances of survival from a severe stroke are greatly improved by fast access to M.R.I. In many situations it needs to be done within 12-24 Hours, highlighting the benefit of M.R.I. on site at Mullingar Regional Hospital for people living in the region.

Gall Bladder

Currently patients having Gall Bladder  surgery are waiting up to seven  days  for an M.R.I scan, sitting in hospital wasting time, holding up beds and hospital resources.  

Scanning of Children.

Midlands Regional Hospital, Mullingar has a paediatrics department, and there are untold benefits in having paediatrics co-located with M.R.I. scanning facilities. All children that are born prematurely should have a M.R.I. scan to access signs of brain injury due to prematurity. A lot of small children need M.R.I. (where C.T. Scanners cannot be used due to the radiation). Also, most younger children having M.R.I scan require General Anaesthetic or Sedation (as they have to be still for a long period time) and the availability of paeriatric services at the same site are potentially lifesaving in the event of complications. (In Ireland hospitals either tend to have a M.R.I. Service or an Anaesthetic Service that can deal with children and a relatively small number have both)


A key consideration for an on site MRI scanner is the access for critically ill patients who may be too ill to travel for an MRI scan.


The LONGFORD WESTMEATH FRIENDS OF MULLINGAR GENERAL HOSPITAL is a registered charity (CHY 9956) formed in 1990 to facilitate fundraising for the hospital, and to ensure the community which the hospital serves benifits from advances in medical science.

The Members of the FRIENDS come from the local community and from the Hospital. 


Dr. Imelda Lambert (Consultant Paediatrician Regional Hospital Mullingar)

Mr. Norman Dolan

Ms. Mary Moriarty

Mr. John W McGrath P.C.

Ms. Deirdre Murphy

Dr. Hugh Logan (Consultant Radiologist Regional Hospital Mullingar)

Dr. Hilary Cronin (Clinical Geriatrician and Clinical Director Regional Hospital Mullingar)

Ms. Mandy Reilly

Ms. Mary Moriarty


where your money goes

All money raised in this appeal will be used directly for the Regional Hospital Mullingar. 

The Purchase of the MRI Scanner and anciilary equipment will cost €950,000.

The Department of Health have agreed to finance the building to accommodate the machine and provide the staffing and supports required to operate and maintain the machine.

The CAMPAIGN BALANCE is currently at €800,000* thanks to the continued efforts and generosity of the community. 
*18 December 2017


LONGFORD WESTMEATH FRIENDS OF MULLINGAR GENERAL HOSPITAL was set up in July 1990 for the purpose of raising the money to get a CAT Scanner for the Regional Hosptial in Mullingar. The campaign was successful, and in the intervening years the friends subsequently raised funds for an upgrade CAT scanner and number of smaller pieces of equipment for the Hospital. 

This fundraising appeal is the biggest to date. The department of health have agreed to build a space to house the MRI and provide the staffing required to operate and maintain the machine should this campaign be successful. 

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