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Ringfinnan Garden of Remembrance


Ringfinnan, Kinsale, Cork

Ringfinnan Garden of Remembrance

Ringfinnan Garden of Remembrance



This garden is dedicated to the memory of the 343 firefighters who lost their live in the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York. There is a tree dedicated to each firefighter and each tree is tagged with the name of each firefighter.


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Maintenance: All monies raised will be used for day to day garden maintenance such as cutting of the grass, strimming and weed control. Some trees are doing well however they need to be pruned which will require hiring a specialist tree company to perform crown reduction and crown thinning.

Signage: Some of the signs on the trees are cracked due weather and UV exposure, while other signs are missing. We have sourced a company who make custom UV resistant signs which are attached to a  1 foot galvanised stake. Donations will help purchase these signs which can be placed on the ground in front of each tree and will bear each firefighter's name. 

Upon visiting the garden there is no information about the garden history, the garden layout or where to locate a particular tree. We plan to place a number of signs inside the gate of the garden which will give visitors information on the garden and the layout. Donations will help to purchase and install these signs.

Redesign: Over the years some of the trees have struggled to survive the exposed site and sea air.  The garden is also quite fragmented with no particular order to the layout of the trees. We plan to redesign the layout of the garden which will involve removal of trees which are struggling and the replanting of up to 250 new trees suitable for the site. The redesign of the garden will require considerable investment and donations will help contribute to the purchase of trees and labour required to remove trees and plant new trees.





The garden was established by Kathleen Murphy. Kathleen grew up in Ringfinnan and following her training as a nurse in England she moved to New York where she worked as a staff nurse for over 35 years in Lennox Hill Hospital.

Kathleen always admirded the brave and courageous work of firefighters. Following the 9/11 attacks she decided to establish the garden of remembrance in memory to the 343 firefighters who lost their lives on September 11th 2001.

Kathleen passed away in March 2011 following a battle with cancer and is buried less than 2 miles from the garden.