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Shabra Charity

All proceeds go to helping to 'Keep Oliver's Promise' to provide world class global Gene Sequencing Equipment to the Mater Hospital, Dublin.


Q. What does Gene Testing mean?

A.  Gene Testing means taking a blood sample and testing it for inherited genetic conditions such as Cardiac conditions (SADS -Sudden adult death syndrone),  cancer, eye problems, alzheimers, parkinsons, diabetes etc

Q. Can we access genetic testing  in Ireland now?

A. No, at present we're one of the only countries in Europe doesn’t offer such facilities.  Shabra Charity are changing this, and from the 16th September 2017 these facilities will be in place thanks to their massive fundraising efforts to date.

Q. What difference will it make?

A. For many it could be life changing!  Gene Testing will mean precision diagnosis & treatment for people with inherited genetic conditions.

Q. What happened in the past?

A.  Samples were sent to other countries. Because of limited funding, a diagnosis could have taken up to 18 months and it was costly...from the 16th September this will all change.  Diagnosis will take only 6 weeks and costs will be significantly reduced.

Q.  How could it affect me?

A.  Most families have some form of a medical history, they'll know if cancer, a heart condition, Alzheimers etc has affected their family, and there may even be an expectation that it will at some point!  With Genetic Testing we will know and preventative steps can be taken to minimise any damage.

Q. Give me an example?

A.  Peter is playing football and has a cardiac arrest and dies...sadly the post mortem states "sudden adult death syndrome" as no abnormality could be found.  With the gene testing facilities in the Monaghan Room in the Mater Hospital, a molecular autopsy reveals the culprit gene mutation responsible for his cardiac arrest and a diagnosis is made. All of Peter’s first degree relatives (parents, siblings and children) can be tested, diagnosed and a precise treatment put in place.

A.  Una's mother died from Breast Cancer.  Una is worried for her sisters and her daughter in case they have the gene.  They can all go for the DNA Gene Testing and get treatment where required. 


Message from Rita Shah, Co-Founder Member, Shabra Charity Foundation

The late Oliver Brady, was ‘One of a Kind’ who touched the lives and hearts of so many and he will never be forgotten. Oliver is missed beyond what words can express but loyalty, being true to his word and overall ethos, will always live on in The Shabra Charity we built together.

Why Shabra Charity is so special?? Oliver and myself as co-founders of the charity have believed in full transparency – Shabra charity Foundation do not have any paid staff whatsoever, and all our charity work is carried out by volunteers who with true generosity work tirelessly giving their valuable time at no cost to raise monies for worthy causes. I take this opportunity to salute all the committee members, sponsors and donors.

During his short treatment at the Mater Private, he promised the Mater (Public) Hospital through Shabra Charity, to fundraise and supply much needed Specialist Genomic DNA Gene Sequencing Equipment, which could help the people in Ireland who are dying due to lack of DNA Gene facilities.

I am determined to help Oliver to keep his last promise to the Mater Hospital by redoubling The Shabra Charity fundraising efforts in order to provide this much needed equipment to the Mater (Public) Hospital as soon as possible, in his honour and memory.