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Tulla Inclusive Athlectics


Tulla Inclusive Athletics was set up in May 2021. The aim was to support inclusion in sport for children who find it difficult to access the main training sessions in athletics in Tulla. It is affiliated with the Athletics club and is also supported by the Tulla United Soccer Club in offering its Astro pitch facilities to the group every Thursday for the sessions.


Clare Sports Partnership came on board to steer us in relation to how we get up and running and we are very grateful to James Murrihy and his team in doing a fantastic job in encouraging and supporting us as well. Clare Sports Partnership organised training by Dr. Susan Crawford at the time which we found very helpful in getting us prepared to facilitate the sessions with the children. Currently there are 18 children accessing the facility. Siblings are welcome and provide an excellent opportunity for all the children to experience sport in an inclusive setting.


All children are welcome. The only criteria is that the child finds it difficult to access the main training and need an alternative setting to support the development of their skills. It is hoped that over time some children would be facilitated in accessing the main training sessions across the different sports. In the meantime, they are enjoying the variety of sporting activities that are provided for them with Tulla Inclusive Athletics. It’s a learning curve for the coaches and the children but one everyone is really enjoying.


We started with just activities pertaining to athletics but have more recently incorporated other sports into the sessions. We now do soccer, hurling and tennis. We hope to continue to develop our programme of activities to provide different sporting opportunities for children to ensure they get good exposure to the various ways in which they can enjoy being physically active.


The social side of inclusive athletics is arguably as important as the physical side. The group are growing up together and getting to know each other and extra-curricular activities are highly valued. Holidays are celebrated, Halloween, Christmas and summer break were all marked with parties and fun games and activities for the children. The support of the parents is paramount to the success of this group. Their hard work and dedication to their children and each other is what is ensuring the continued success of the inclusive athletics. We are very lucky to have some volunteers from the local community who give of their time to support inclusive athletics every week as well and we are so grateful for their continued support.


We welcome volunteers as it makes the sessions more enjoyable and relaxed for everyone when we have lots of help on board. Thanks to everyone for supporting us and we hope to continue to develop our programme to support our local community and beyond.

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