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Justice for Mohammad Younis
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Justice for Mohammad Younis

Migrant Rights Centre Ireland
Verified Fundraiser


Mohammad Younis played a leading role in defending exploited workers in Ireland after years of abuse at work. For 7 years, he worked as a chef, 11 hours a day, 7 days a week for €40. Despite winning his case and being awarded €91,000 in backpay, his employer wriggled out of paying, leaving Mohammad with nothing.

Now Mohammad is reaching the end of his working life, his health is failing, and he needs our help to return to his family in Pakistan.

Can you chip in a few Euro to help make sure he can afford to return and spend the next part of his life with the people he l...

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Migrant Rights Centre Ireland
a verified fundraiser


Helen S
5m €50

5m €10

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Words of support

Thinking about you Mohammad and hoping you are able to see your family and that you stay well

Best wishes

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Total raised: €52,176
Offline donations €1,986
Online donations €50,190

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