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Oliver's Army
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Hi everyone , we are organising this fundraising page to support the family of young Oliver Scally. Oliver is a beautiful , brave, 19-month old who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Wiskott Aidrich Syndrome (WAS).

WAS is an extremely rare genetic immunodeficiency that effects only up to 4 in every million people ! It causes bleeding due to low platelets in the blood and severe eczema, in addition to susceptibility to infections because of a defective immune system.

At present the only known treatment is a bone marrow transplant. Oliver's sister, Joy, age 8 , is a match and w...

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Oliver's Army
a verified fundraiser


St Colman'
1w €1,500

Pat C
2w €50

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Recent updates

A message from Aidan and Grace ;
We wanted to express how grateful we are for your support on this difficult journey for our son Oliver & our family, we sincerely appreciate your help.

Olivers Army has made life less stressf

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8th May 2024

Words of support

From all the families and kids and staff at St Colman's! Get well soon Oliver

Wishing Oliver and family all the best.

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Total raised: €97,760
Offline donations €40
Online donations €97,720

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