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Humans of Dublin - Childhood Cancer Foundation

Humans of Dublin - Childhood Cancer Foundation

Fundraising For Childhood Cancer Foundation
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Humans of Dublin - Childhood Cancer Foundation Awareness Campaign - Light It Up Gold.

Childhood Cancer Foundation

Through the generosity of our donors we are proud to fund supports and services for children ...

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September is International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and Gold is the internationally recognised colour of paediatric/childhood cancer. CCF has pioneered this awareness campaign in Ireland, North and South, with the inaugural campaign in 2013. In 2015 over 100 buildings across Ireland lit up gold for childhood cancer awareness and light it up gold walks were held in six counties in Ireland. These walks serve to raise awareness among communities of childhood cancer and also to bring together families affected by cancer to create support networks for these families.

Find out more on www.childhoodc...

I’m an introvert, in an extrovert’s body.

Thu Feb 13 15:34:36 - 0 Favorite

As my Mama says, there are times when you cannot see the forest for the trees

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Dreams of a Housewife

Fri Jan 31 16:13:26 - 3 Favorite

We were young at the time so we all needed easy confessions!

Thu Jan 30 17:06:53 - 3 Favorite

Holiday at the time meant a caravan down to Rush or Wexford so the idea of going on a real holiday sounded marvelou…

Tue Jan 28 12:25:36 - 1 Favorite

One part of my job is to facilitate creative groups for clients in our services. I love these groups…

Sat Dec 14 13:03:14 - 1 Favorite

I was bullied a lot at school; I am on the autistic spectrum, but at the time, teachers didn’t have a clue what it …

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I was so far removed from society that my life was only based around survival day-after-day. #closingdoors

Thu Dec 12 09:38:25 - 0 Favorite

I thought I died because I saw the light at the end of the tunnel people talk about. I seen an angel as well, she s…

Wed Dec 11 13:00:50 - 1 Favorite

I said, ‘don’t be silly, nobody is going to die, love! #closingdoor

Tue Dec 10 12:41:44 - 4 Favorite
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About the Cause

Childhood Cancer Foundation
Through the generosity of our donors we are proud to fund supports and services for children with cancer and their families including: - Shared Care Hospital Project to improve facilities for children with cancer hospitalised in isolation rooms in Ireland’s 16 Shared Care/ regional hospitals. Equipment funded to date includes wall mounted cardiac monitors, lie flat chair beds for parents, TVs, games consoles and wall art to brighten up the rooms for the children. - Play Servic...