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Supporting Kevin Bell (Sheehans and friends)

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To support the brilliant work of the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trus

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Supporting Kevin Bell (Sheehans and friends)

14th November 2016

23rd February 2017


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Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust

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We were so well supported by the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust when Ailish's body was being brought back from Poland...we have received significant donations from family and friends and would like to donate this to the KBRT as a pay it forward for the next family who needs their help.



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Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust

Mission Statement:

The Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust aims to alleviate the financial hardship of bereaved families repatriating the body (bodies) of loved one(s) who have died abroad in sudden or tragic circumstances back to Ireland.

Objectives of the Trust:
1.To provide financial assistance to bereaved families to repatriate the body (or bodies) of a loved one(s) who died outside Ireland
2.To maintain the Trust as a permanent legacy of Kevin Bell
3.To sustain the Trust by having on-going fundraising activities
4.To recruit members of the Trust to sustain its purpose and ideals

Conditions of the Trust Awarding Financial Assistance:
1.The Trust is available for costs of repatriation to Ireland only
2.Financial assistance to be offered in circumstances of sudden or tragic death (including suicide)
3.Financial assistance to be paid upon confirmation of paid expenditure
4.Financial assistance to be paid for repatriation costs exclusively
5.The Trust to operate on a 32 County basis
6.The Trust to have a discretionary clause to cover unforeseen circumstances where it may wish to provide additional financial assistance
7.The Trust would grant assistance in good faith. A clawback option applies in the event of the applicant raising sufficient funds themselves to return the money back to the Trust

Membership of the Trust:
1.Members would be elected onto the Trust whenever the Trust considered it necessary
2.The Trust would meet on an adhoc basis to consider requests for financial assistance

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