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Rebelle & Michelle Strip & Dip

Rebelle & Michelle Strip & Dip

Fundraising For Aoibheanns Pink Tie
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Aoibheanns Pink Tie

Aoibheann's Pink Tie is run by a team of 14 volunteers. As a volunteer run charity 96% of the m...

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Thank you so much for visiting our fundraising page!

We sincerely appreciate all the support you can offer. 

For anyone who pledges a donation I will send them a copy of my very first E-book "Affirmations for Bad Ass Babes" upon its completion x

We are fundraising for Aoibheanns Pink Tie which is the National Cancer Charity of Ireland – 97% of ALL proceeds to to the family and kids fighting cancer – their aim is to make their journey more comfortable and bring in as much happiness as possible. So when we fundraise for this charity we are not paying a bit salary to a CEO – the kids get it all....

In honour of my birthday month I'm doing a bit for charidee. Instead of buying me a gin, a coffee or a bun how ab…

Sat Nov 10 13:57:15 - 1 Favorite

@Victoria_Secret Babes if you see a pair of M&Gs for sale for Adore would you mind sending them this way. Last nigh…

Sun Jun 17 10:37:07 - 3 Favorite

@oliveappl3seed Did you get a taker for the ticket?

Sun Jun 17 10:35:13 - 0 Favorite

💖💖💖Yesssss 💖💖💖

Tue Mar 13 06:51:27 - 1 Favorite

Conor Mc Gregor takes on MAC

Tue Feb 06 14:04:31 - 0 Favorite

May the odds be ever in your favour

Sun Jan 07 13:59:14 - 0 Favorite

The New Years Fireworks at Disneyland 😍

Mon Jan 01 13:46:07 - 0 Favorite

Thu Dec 28 15:58:58 - 0 Favorite

Ragin I missed out on this

Wed Dec 27 10:39:17 - 0 Favorite

If you can help please do

Thu Dec 21 00:21:16 - 0 Favorite
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Well done ladies xxx Best of luck xxx


Susan harley stead

Fair play to you Michelle....if I had known earlier I would have joined you....gteat cause and very uplifting! Ha and liberating. Well done to you both


Caroline O'Wu

For my sister Michelle Heenan who fought and won her battle with cancer!



Best of luck today M x



Rock it girl!!



Well done girls!!


About the Cause

Aoibheanns Pink Tie
Aoibheann's Pink Tie is run by a team of 14 volunteers. As a volunteer run charity 96% of the money raised goes towards supporting and providing practical help the families of children fighting cancer in Ireland....