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Latest Update !!

I am a cross stitch designer living with terminal cancer. My design 'A Worry of Wizards' is given freely and people will donate instead.

Mayo Roscommon Hospice Foundation

The Mayo Roscommon Hospice Foundation is a voluntary charitable organisation which was set up in 199...

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The Mayo-Roscommon charity is currently caring for me as I live with terminal cancer. It provides nurses, social workers, counsellors and medical equipment and pain relief so I can die at home. Currently there IS NO HOSPICE in the whole of Roscommon.


So, how does it work?


I've been given a named palliative care nurse: she's my primary contact. If she is on or I need help out of hours, I have a different phone number which ensures I'll still get any care that I may need.


We have a pre-arranged agreement. Because I'm quite well at the moment, my wonderful nurse texts...

Think cancer may be winning. So tired. Still time to design though and finish The Coven of the Year stories xx Hag…

Sat Jul 22 13:18:57 - 2 Favorite

@GeorgeRRMartin_ I've terminal cancer. I read the books, will I have time to find out if Tyrone finds his wife or a…

Sat Jul 22 13:17:00 - 0 Favorite #SunflowerDays An interview with yours truly. If you craft, please get involved. This service is so important.

Fri Jun 09 12:13:08 - 1 Favorite

And typically I missed it. Hoping to get a copy for my family #SunflowerDays

Fri Jun 09 11:11:03 - 2 Favorite


Fri Mar 24 20:06:48 - 1 Favorite

New chemo drug a bit iffy. Nevermind, here's a great competition. #Holmseyhare

Fri Mar 24 20:04:45 - 2 Favorite

Cancer is a scary world. I don't walk this walk alone though. #Canibeahare #Holmseyhare He's now a colouring boo…

Sat Mar 18 18:19:47 - 3 Favorite

Happy St Patrick's day from Holmsey and Fergus: they are very much looking forwards to today's parade!

Fri Mar 17 11:52:37 - 1 Favorite

Cover illustration from my second children's book 'Can I Be a Hare'. Cancer, I'm still winning! #Holmseyhare

Thu Mar 16 19:22:09 - 1 Favorite

#realDonaldTrump Trump, Man up! Apologise to #BarakObama

Thu Mar 16 18:08:16 - 0 Favorite
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Kathleen Montgomery



I'm so glad I didn't miss this!



Designers deserve to be recognized for their hard work & talent.





From a fan of Holmsey!


Karen Lane


About the Cause

Mayo Roscommon Hospice Foundation
The Mayo Roscommon Hospice Foundation is a voluntary charitable organisation which was set up in 1992 to provide a Palliative Care service for patients with life threatening illness in counties Mayo and Roscommon. The Foundation's Mission Statement Mayo/Roscommon Hospice Foundation affirms life. Respecting the uniqueness of each individual, caring and supporting to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and their families living with life threatening illnesses....