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Cycling Egypt-South Africa 12,000km

Fundraising For Donal Walsh Livelife Foundation
Latest Update !!

Cycling 12,000km solo & unsupported from Egypt to South Africa in aid of the Donal Walsh Live Life Foundation

Donal Walsh Livelife Foundation

Donations are used to assist in continuing the conversation Donal started to prevent teenage suicide...

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Hello everyone! 

On November 2nd, 2018, I will undertake a 12,000 km (7,500 mile) solo & unsupported cycle down the length of Africa. My journey starts in Cairo, Egypt, & will end hopefully 4 months later in Cape Town, South Africa. I'll be unsupported, meaning I will be carrying all of my gear, clothes, food, water, tent & so on. There will be no vehicle following me. It'll me just me & the open road. Also, along the way, I will climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa's highest mountain, standing tall at 5,595 metres. 

Traveling through 10 countries in all, I will cycle...

@moran_anto The Egyptian food is lovely 👍

Thu Nov 15 18:55:03 - 1 Favorite

First YouTube is up ! These will be basic and simple - I don't have the skill nor time to properly edit. Anyhow -…

Thu Nov 15 16:44:37 - 14 Favorite

While I wait for my first YouTube video to upload while I'm stuck here in Abu Simbel, I'm back reading about…

Thu Nov 15 12:20:08 - 6 Favorite

@cathalmccauley Friday/Saturday is the weekend here. Looks like they just need a day off!

Thu Nov 15 12:18:00 - 0 Favorite

Haha, as I'm always being told - this is Africa 🤣🤣

Thu Nov 15 11:29:33 - 5 Favorite

@Thehenlady Exactly! A few jobs I need to do - I'll now get a head start 🤣

Thu Nov 15 08:31:11 - 2 Favorite


Thu Nov 15 08:30:51 - 1 Favorite

Yep, confirmed to me that the border to Sudan is indeed closed on a Friday. Disappointed in myself for not planning…

Thu Nov 15 07:48:15 - 20 Favorite

Turns out the border to Sudan is closed on a Friday. My plan to take a day off has kinda backfired- I now could be…

Thu Nov 15 06:28:41 - 17 Favorite

Id take the wind and rain of Ireland any day over cycling in the desert! #ardorothar

Wed Nov 14 18:43:33 - 38 Favorite
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Tomás O Cruadhlaoich


Jerry Quinlan

Keep Her Lit Tomás !


David M Spillane


Micheal Kissane

Mighty stuff Tomas, keep pedaling and stay safe!


James McGuire


Joanne Ni Shuilleabhain

Go n-eirí leat Tomas. Have an amazing adventure.


About the Cause

Donal Walsh Livelife Foundation
Donations are used to assist in continuing the conversation Donal started to prevent teenage suicide. Thereafter funds available will be utilized to offer teenage appropriate rooms in various care facilities such as Hospices, Hospitals, Pieta House and other care areas....