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Cycling Egypt-South Africa 12,000km

Cycling Egypt-South Africa 12,000km

Fundraising For Donal Walsh Livelife Foundation
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Cycling 12,000km solo & unsupported from Egypt to South Africa in aid of the Donal Walsh Live Life Foundation

Donal Walsh Livelife Foundation

Donations are used to assist in continuing the conversation Donal started to prevent teenage suicide...

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Hello everyone! 

On November 2nd, 2018, I will undertake a 12,000 km (7,500 mile) solo & unsupported cycle down the length of Africa. My journey starts in Cairo, Egypt, & will end hopefully 4 months later in Cape Town, South Africa. I'll be unsupported, meaning I will be carrying all of my gear, clothes, food, water, tent & so on. There will be no vehicle following me. It'll me just me & the open road. Also, along the way, I will climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa's highest mountain, standing tall at 5,595 metres. 

Traveling through 10 countries in all, I will cycle a...

Nearing the end of my time in Tanzania.... Been here a month or so I think, & it's been quite the experience. Lots…

Fri Feb 22 18:38:31 - 4 Favorite

A bit of a change to the route..... Adding in two more countries, Mozambique & Zimbabwe, before looping back up to…

Fri Feb 22 18:25:21 - 6 Favorite

Despite only having 90km planned to stay with the Canadians, they had bike issues & had to bus. I decided to bike o…

Fri Feb 22 15:53:31 - 11 Favorite

RT @sahouraxo: That awkward moment when the same media which has been telling us for years that Syrians are “fleeing the Assad regime”, adm…

Fri Feb 22 14:59:07 - 0 Favorite

Sooooo after have 3 companions yesterday, I'm back on my own again 🙈😂 #ardorothar

Fri Feb 22 10:50:06 - 17 Favorite

The next stretch looks like this, so I'm going to push on to make 145km for the day, which will set me up well as I…

Fri Feb 22 10:48:57 - 12 Favorite

88km so far, the spin is going fine but can't say the same for myself! Just one of those crappy days, anyhow... Was…

Fri Feb 22 10:48:13 - 11 Favorite

RT @JohnOberg: Who says animals don't have emotions? This dog desperately trying to help their fallen friend is proof that animals are emo…

Thu Feb 21 17:44:07 - 0 Favorite

Finito. Only the 75km today but doesn't seem to be much ahead. Lovely, relaxing day with great company! Great to be…

Thu Feb 21 11:47:02 - 13 Favorite

Yesterday! & in Nairobi! 😂

Thu Feb 21 09:52:11 - 4 Favorite
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Linda B

I’m aiming to donate a little sum for each country Tomas gets through - I think I’m running a bit behind so this is a double one👍


Sara O'Shea

Fair play Tomàs, you're racking up the miles. Love following your journey. Continue to be as safe as possible on that crazy but epic continent. Great cause and good luck!


Mícheál O'Shea




Liam Murphy

Árd fhear Tomás - best of luck with the rest of the adventure, tabhair aire duit fhéin.


About the Cause

Donal Walsh Livelife Foundation
Donations are used to assist in continuing the conversation Donal started to prevent teenage suicide. Thereafter funds available will be utilized to offer teenage appropriate rooms in various care facilities such as Hospices, Hospitals, Pieta House and other care areas....