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Cycling Egypt-South Africa 12,000km

Fundraising For Donal Walsh Livelife Foundation
Latest Update !!

Cycling 12,000km solo & unsupported from Egypt to South Africa in aid of the Donal Walsh Live Life Foundation

Donal Walsh Livelife Foundation

Donations are used to assist in continuing the conversation Donal started to prevent teenage suicide...

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Hello everyone! 

On November 2nd, 2018, I will undertake a 12,000 km (7,500 mile) solo & unsupported cycle down the length of Africa. My journey starts in Cairo, Egypt, & will end hopefully 4 months later in Cape Town, South Africa. I'll be unsupported, meaning I will be carrying all of my gear, clothes, food, water, tent & so on. There will be no vehicle following me. It'll me just me & the open road. Also, along the way, I will climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa's highest mountain, standing tall at 5,595 metres. 

Traveling through 10 countries in all, I will cycle...

First shower in 3 days... Getting used to saying that! 🤣 #ardorothar

Sat Dec 15 14:16:56 - 2 Favorite

@SheilaWhoReads An American cyclist passed it on to me already but thanks :) a great read

Sat Dec 15 09:53:39 - 0 Favorite

@damienbrowne I do landscape because the videos are for my YouTube ! 😀

Sat Dec 15 09:53:16 - 1 Favorite

A cold morning update. Last day of hiking! Back on the bikes tomorrow and a race to Addis Ababe for Christmas…

Sat Dec 15 04:08:02 - 25 Favorite

Putting my too many sleepless nights down to the fact that I've never felt so alive in my life since I got to Afric…

Fri Dec 14 17:41:39 - 52 Favorite

Turn on your volume for this one #ardorothar

Fri Dec 14 17:21:19 - 15 Favorite

Beer at 3,500 meters! #ardorothar

Fri Dec 14 15:57:53 - 23 Favorite

Not too bad at all at all #ardorothar

Fri Dec 14 12:38:59 - 25 Favorite

Set up my tent just in time before the rain started! 🤣 #ardorothar

Fri Dec 14 12:37:04 - 10 Favorite

Baboons 😍😍 #ardorothar

Fri Dec 14 11:47:46 - 20 Favorite
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Linda Billett

To celebrate Tomas reaching country no 3 - another donation. Keep on riding Tomas - you’re amazing.



Hang in there Tomas — keep pushing through the hard moments and try to soak up the journey as much as possible. Take care, Chris



Well done, good luck with the rest of your adventure


Gerard Cahill

Epic journey and effort for a great cause. Best of luck, stay safe


Vincent Manning

Go mara tú féin agus do rothar an chéad! Bail ó Dhia ort 👍🏻


Declan Dempsey


About the Cause

Donal Walsh Livelife Foundation
Donations are used to assist in continuing the conversation Donal started to prevent teenage suicide. Thereafter funds available will be utilized to offer teenage appropriate rooms in various care facilities such as Hospices, Hospitals, Pieta House and other care areas....